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Cool facts for kids, teachers and schools on Planets, Animals, Geography, History, Science and more!
CoolKidFacts is a new, free educational resource for teachers and students to learn more about the world around them. It covers a range of subjects including Geography, History, Planets, Science, Animals etc. The service plans to introduce quizzes and other resources in the near future, to keep both students and teachers engaged.

All of its content is 100% kid-friendly, so users can be sure they can browse safely in class and at home.

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Wellcome Images

Wellcome Images is a rich collection of images, with themes ranging from medical and social history to contemporary healthcare and biomedical science. All images are available on demand in digital form. Search online or use the expertise of professional scientific and historical researchers to find images. Subjects from medicine to magic, the sacred or the profane, science or satire, all related to human culture at its broadest.
This collection contains historical images from the Wellcome Library collections, Tibetan Buddhist paintings, ancient Sanskrit manuscripts written on palm leaves, beautifully illuminated Persian books and much more. The Biomedical Collection holds over 40 000 high-quality images from the clinical and biomedical sciences. Selected from the UK's leading teaching hospitals and research institutions, it covers disease, surgery, general healthcare, sciences from genetics to neuroscience including the full range of imaging techniques.
Part of Wellcome Collection, a major new public venue developed by the Wellcome Trust, the Library has over 750 000 books and journals, an extensive range of manuscripts, archives and films, and more than 250 000 paintings, prints and drawings.








Wellcome Trust


SoundClick Audio resources

SoundClick, established in 1997, is an originator of the social media format. SoundClick continues to be the leading free music community featuring signed and unsigned bands plus state of the art social media tools.
The website offers free member profile pages, mp3 downloads, streaming audio and video, music charts, custom radio stations, a proprietary music store, message boards, lyrics and music e-cards. SoundClick also offers users the ability to promote their favorite music with viral widgets.
Free services for bands
· free artist page
· free MP3 store: sell your songs as digital downloads
· unlimited song uploads
· band approval: within 24 hours
· after approval: instant approval of songs
· private band message board
· gig calendar
· music charts
· lots more

More free services
· free member page for all music lovers
· playlists, blog, photos, videos
· connect directly with bands and like-minded people
· lots more

Terms And Conditions of Web Site Use Free audio resource

Audio resources and music for schools, professionals and creatives that wish to find audio material for video

Information about copyrights, licences and FAQ:see here


Compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. We make good use of the flickr™ API, but aren't affiliated with flickr.

Europeana: Hostory Video and Photography

Explore stories, films and historical material about the First World War and contribute your own family history. Europeana 1914-1918 mixes resources from libraries and archives across the globe with memories and memorabilia from families throughout Europe. Discover. Learn. Research. Use. Share.

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School Tv: Netherlands national and language-dependent repositories makes all kinds of programs throughout the year for primary and secondary education and offers all sorts of interesting series for secondary schools. Virtually all programs have material that accompany the programs.
Wikimedia must be accompanied with "werkboekjes" pupils and teachers manuals. Wikimedia Commons is also the driving force behind various educational websites, with which students can gather knowledge independently and in a playful manner.


Belgian national and language-dependent repositories with educational videos of various themes and content: art, web, nature, society, history and more.

Film Arkivet: Swedish video & image archives

National and language-dependent repositories in Sweden.
The Film Archive at the Swedish Film Institute is one of the oldest in the world, it's is to mission to collect, catalog, preserve, restore and make the Swedish film heritage available. With the Swedish film heritage means all films, both Swedish and foreign, feature films as documentaries, animations, commercials, newsreels, etc.

On you have the opportunity to see the unique moving image material from the archives which are now available; mostly short, documentary, magazine and commercial, which reflects a Swedish century of transformation and the emergence of modern society.

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