The Media & Learning conference will include:

Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions include well-known and provocative speakers as well as senior government and other representative figures speaking on the topic of media education and digital citizenship and or the use of video in higher education. These sessions will be recorded and made available online after the conference.

Innovation Showcases

These sessions are highly interactive and consist of a number of presentations of innovative practices and experiences linked to a specific conference or symposium theme. Where relevant they will include the screening of illustrative content.

Master Classes

These classes provide an opportunity to go in depth into a particular subject. They will be led by experts, the numbers of participants will be limited and the objective is to provide participants with a specialised introduction to a topic. Participants will be invited to book for these sessions beforehand and booking will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


Timed demonstrations of relevant tools and services will take place in an open area and in some cases will be linked to exhibition stands. The idea is for participants to really try out new tools for themselves during these demos which are by their nature highly interactive.

Presentation Sessions

These sessions feature presentations by experts and experienced practitioners followed by audience discussion and interaction.

Screening Sessions

These sessions feature screenings of highly engaging video materials based on new formats, new approaches and/or new topics.


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