Learning Media for Digital Citizenship

Conference, 6 — 7 April 2017

Media & Learning 2017 is all about inspiring, informing and sharing great ideas on what it means to be a digital citizen and how media fits into this process. Students nowadays are expected to play an active role online rather than simply being passive consumers of content, but what does it take to really instill them with the skills and competences to be effective, responsible and creative online? What’s the best way to ensure that students can be in the vanguard of taking back the Internet and using it as a tool for growth, harmony and positive development? How can our educational structures and players be part of such a development? These are the ideas we plan to explore in Brussels on 6—7 April in an agenda packed with learning and networking opportunities.

Video in Higher Education

Symposium, 6 — 7 April 2017

This highly interactive symposium, running alongside the conference, is aimed at professionals involved in the use of video to support learning in higher education with inspiring talks, demos, best practice showcases and hands-on sessions.

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This year's highlights

  • Be Creative!

    The Digital Citizenship agenda will feature a 90 minute showcase session demonstrating different tools and resources that can be used to support students online creativity organised by partners in the DICHE project who are busy with the integration of digital resources and opportunities for cultural and heritage education in primary school. Here is the project website.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) demo

    IADT in Ireland are planning to demonstrate VR system htcVIVE which they have recently installed. Current IADT research involves creating a virtual low vision experience in VR to test empathy levels and willingness among people in Ireland to help people with low vision. IADT are also investigating how VR can be used in the classroom to support learning across a number of disciplines.

  • Learning from My Comment Festival

    The My Comment Festival is organised in the Netherlands by Mediawijzer.net and Beeld en Geluid as part of Media Literacy Week. It provides a programme for students on making media and reflecting on the ethical and artistic value of media. My Comment explores absolute do's and don'ts and how young people can you let their voice be heard online. The organisers will be sharing their experience at Media & Learning 2017.

  • European Schoolnet to lead practice session

    Digital Citizenship has become one of the main focus areas for European Schoolnet. Working with ministries of education, EUN is busy exploring the educational implications of empowering young people to be digital citizens. Find out more about EUN's work in this area.

  • YouDecide on privacy and digital responsibility

    YouDecide is a teaching resource about privacy and digital responsibility for children and young adults aged between 9 and 18. The objective of the resource is to increase awareness, reflection and knowledge about privacy and the choices young people make when using digital media. Its just one of the many resources that will be featured at Media & Learning 2017. Find out more.

  • Measuring success of video with learning analytics

    Take part in the video in Higher education symposium to hear how universities in Belgium and the Netherlands are increasingly turning to learning analytics to check the effectiveness of video-supported learning.


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