Daniel Lechner

Daniel Lechner is a senior consultant to the Dutch Media Literacy Network ‘Mediawijzer.net’, which translates in English to: mediawiser-dot-net.

Mediawijzer.net is a network organization which might well be unique in Europe in the field of media literacy. More than 700 Dutch libraries, schools, universities, broadcasters, and businesses participate in the blooming network. The aim of the network, that was  founded in 2008, is to aid Dutch citizens in coping with the challenges that contemporary media society poses. Together the network partners yearly undertake hundreds of practical media literacy development initiatives, carry out research projects, launch websites, and publish leaflets, blogs, and books.

Mediawijzer.net has just released a new Competence Model for assessing media literacy. The model defines ten main competences, and delineates ‘levels’ of media literacy for each of those ten competences.

Daniel Lechner was the key author of the Competence Model and has recently published the book Media Literacy for Pro’s (online available - in Dutch - at www.mediawijsheidpro.nl).