Eleonora Pantò

Eleonora Pantò has worked in CSP since 2000 as Digital media and contents manager. She is in charge of technological innovation projects dealing with social computing and particularly related to elearning, digital communities and open source. She managed two research laboratories in collaboration with University of Torino, related to Social Media and Knwoledge Communities. She is the project leader of the Dschola project, a regional school network, recognised as a Good Practice by EU, in addition she is the Director of the Dschola Association. She also coordinated some projects related to video and education, like Eticommunity (video literacy for high school students) and Extracampus TV (first edition of the webtv for the University of Turin).

She participated in several European projects, as chairperson of the IANIS+ Elearning Working Group and as project officer for others. She designed and managed vocational training initiative and in quality of Co-ordinator of a regional vocational training agency and she participated in a European studies seminar (Socrates). She published books and articles on the Internet effect on schools and education.