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Prezi U is a rich library of educational Prezi presentations and videos on different topics for students from elementary school to university. It can be browsed by subject or school.
The community built around it communicates through articles, blogs, forums and receive news by means of an RSS feed.

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Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that combines the characteristics of whiteboards and of slides. It provides a non-linear dynamic way to give information. Presentations can be viewed at different zooms in order to analyse different levels of detail: zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to see details — a bit like web-based maps that have changed how we navigate through map books. The zoomable canvas provide a way to spatially explore ideas and the connections between them leading the audience to an easier and better comprehension of the relationships between ideas and concepts.
It is possible to share presentations online and on mobile devices and to work on the same canvas in collaboration with other people.
The website hosts a rich manual and an interesting page about the known issues so that users can read about all the characteristics and possibilities of this software.

Joannis-Sajnovics and the transit of Venus

Joannis-Sajnovics is a Facebook page managed by Ágota Lang, a physics high school teacher in Sopron (Hungary), and her students. It is set up as Joannis-Sajnovics' diary so we can relive his travels in the 18th century from Hungary to Finland to observe the Transit of Venus - when Venus passes in front of the Sun as seen from the Earth. Posts are published as if by Joannis-Sajnovics himself, just like a travel journal.
Ágota and her students are also making an online game, the Hell Game, which will be available soon.

More information on the Transit of Venus, which will occur again in June 2012 and will be the last visible to people of our time, can be found on the Vimeo channel "Our last Transit of Venus": Videos on this channel include a teaser for a documentary film, presentations by leading scientists and outreach people from Europe and the US, as well as videos made by the students from the Széchenyi István Gimnázium (Sopron, Hungary, project co-funded by the European Planetology Network).

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