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Exploring the Nature: Five Stories

Exploring the Nature: Five Stories (Pieci stāsti par dabu), is a documentary film series that was created in 2009, by ELM MEDIA, Latvia (http://www.elmmedia.lv/lv/filmas/daba/pieci_stasti_par_dabu) with the help of the Latvian Fund for Nature, a non-governmental nature conservation and research organisation.
Educating Latvian youngsters on climate change and the impact humans have on the environment, this series is made up of 5 educational films on five different biotopes (floodplain meadows, inland waters, forests, marshlands and sea coast) and their management. Each film, also available online, is a road movie with 3 students travelling around Latvia and exploring nature by visiting protected areas and countryside farms and meeting experts from the Latvian Fund for Nature. By following these adventurous travel stories by their peers, teenagers are encouraged to associate with the environmental problems discussed in the films and to change their general attitude to one where all members of society are involved in preserving the environment by maintaining natural diversity and protecting natural habitats. Students learn about three main topics: the natural processes that are going on in these five main natural biotopes that cover almost the whole Latvian ecosystem, the different species that live in each biotope and what makes them different and they also learn about the importance of each species.

A more detailed English description of the project is available in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website: http://www.medea-awards.com/showcase/exploring-the-nature-five-stories

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