Five Little Ducks

The video clip Five Little Ducks is a stop-motion animation which preschool students made in class. The target students are preschool students. As an exercise in counting the numbers backwards, the children learnt the nursery rhyme, 5 little ducks, so it was with great enthusiasm that they agreed to animate the ducks. The stop-motion animation was produced and entered in the MEDEA Awards 2008 by Miriam Schembri of the Fgura Primary School in Malta.

You can also find a description of the project in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website

Educational Materials - Centre for Literacy of the University of Malta

The production of these media-based materials, for use in both school and adult education formal and non-formal settings, was spearheaded by the Centre for Literacy ( based at the University of Malta (, a research and development centre that focuses on the area of literacy and other basic skills.
One of the priorities of the Centre is to work towards improving and developing the methods of media enhanced learning in and out of schools, with specific reference to literacy, language and other basic skills.

The centre has been involved also in a number of EU-funded projects aimed at improving the teaching and learning of literacy and languages through emerging pedagogies and innovative media. Projects have included:
- Lingu@net, a virtual language learning resource library:
- TOOL, Tools for online and offline language learning):
- Europodians, Language learning via the ipod:

Videoconferencing Guidebook

This is a complete guidebook including technical and pedagogical tips for managing videconference sessions. A trouble shooting guide and glossary of terms are also included. This courseware is used during the videoconference training sessions offered by the university's IT Services.

Also see other videoconferencing resources:

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