You Decide is a teaching resource about privacy and digital responsibility for children and young adults aged between 9 and 18. The objective of the resource is to increase awareness, reflection and knowledge about privacy and the choices young people make when using digital media. The teaching resource consists of the website with articles and facts about relevant themes, true stories, discussion tasks and films. The themes include privacy, online violations, digital trails, source criticism and what it means to be social online. The films are linked to the themes and provide a good starting point for stimulating discussion and generating interest among the pupils.

The Videoconferencing Guide- All you need to know about videoconferencing

"In the following pages you will learn more about the basics of videoconferencing, and about the different videoconferencing solutions offered by TANDBERG. We offer guidelines for selecting a system, designing a conferencing room, choosing a network, as well as tips for running a powerful meeting and creating effective presentations. For readers who are new to videoconferencing, this will provide a valuable introduction. For those who are already using videoconferencing, this booklet will be a useful reference tool."

Table of contents: 

Table of Contents
- What is Videoconferencing?
- Videoconferencing Brings Benefits to Your Business
- The Industry
- Standards and Compatibility
- Call Quality
- Selecting Your Network
- Who is Using Videoconferencing? Applications and Benefits
- TANDBERG Case Examples
- How to Select the Vendor and System to Meet Your Needs
- TANDBERG Videoconferencing Solutions
- Designing Your Videoconferencing Room
- How to Conduct a Powerful Meeting and Give an Effective Presentation
- A Final Word
- Appendix: TANDBERG Corporate Background

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Video Conferencing White Papers

This web page lists publications (white papers) of Tandberg about videoconferencing.

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