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Mangahigh.com is one of the first games-based-learning sites, where students learn Mathematics via purpose-built casual games that balance fun and learning. It was founded by an experienced team of mathematicians and game specialists.
The games on this platform are adaptive (they dynamically adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student) and automatic (they have a meta-objective that the players strive to achieve by repeating a simple step (game mechanic) over and over again). They are designed to develop students' ability and curiosity to observe, hypothesize, test, evaluate, conclude and refine ideas. Finally, they provide powerful contexts often bringing out the 'real-world' application of the topic at hand, so increasing the students' interest in the content.
Games are structured with objectives: a bronze medal demonstrates a basic understanding of the key teaching objectives of the challenge. This includes a competence with typical/standard applications of the topic. A Silver and Gold medal demonstrate a secure understanding of the teaching objective and a competence with non typical/extension applications of the topic.
The educational content within Mangahigh is based on the national (UK) curriculum and is delivered through its proprietary educational games.
The site is targeted towards 7-16 year olds but is open for anyone to play. All available games are free to play and enable kids to to develop mathematical knowledge and skills in the context of total involvement. The games are grouped in numbers, algebra and shape and there is a section designed for younger children. There is also a quiz dedicated to the same topics mentioned above, with structured exercises.
Mangahigh also promote school-to-school bilateral competitions. The service is called Fai-To (read more about it on the website).

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Toby Rowland, Marcus du Sautoy, Tom Vander Ark, Greg Mauro


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