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Leo BW - Landeskunde entdecken online

LEO-BW is the regional information system for Baden-Wuerttemberg – prepared for the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the southwestern German state in 2012. This internet site is one of the contributions of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg to cultural education and our information society.
LEO-BW is for all the citizens of Baden-Wuerttemberg – old and new citizens alike – and, additionally, everyone who is interested in our state. Those doing academic or scientific research will find web-based access to geography-related sites and information. LEO-BW also offers a lot of material for school classrooms. LEO-BW is therefore also doing its part to improve media literacy and competence.
LEO-BW offers free access to high-quality information, multimedia, further resources, and literature from and about Baden-Wuerttemberg. You can find a variety of regional-related information from different sources all in one search.

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LEO-BW is a joint project of its many illustrious institutions, who guarantee the quality and attractiveness of the offer. The Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg has taken the lead in coordinating the realization and direction of LEO-BW.



Musique(s) is a free online tool for music education that provides the users with a fun and easy way to learn about music instruments and styles. The description texts come along with sound contents that greatly help recognise the different instruments and play a fundamental role in the programme.
The programme include plain information as well as test quizzes and games.

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Accessible Interface to YouTube

This website is designed to provide an accessible version of the popular video-sharing website YouTube. You can get the easy-to-use interface on your screen by simply copy and pasting a youtube link. Then you are asked if the video the system found is the right one. You click on the video and an interface will open with the video and a play/pause, skip back, skip forward and mute button. This website was developed to give people with disabilities an easier alternative interface to the standard youtube provides, where buttons are quite small and not always easy to handle.

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