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MEDEAnet webinar “Creative Commons – what you have to respect when you produce your own media”

More and more content and media are available on the internet under the Creative Commons (CC) licences which can be freely used once the terms of CC licensing is properly respected. CC offers teachers and trainers a lot of opportunities when developing their own teaching materials and media. On the sixth MEDEAnet webinar, that took place on 6 June 2013 (4-5pm CET), Billy Meinke (Creative Commons, USA) introduced 35 participants from 16 different countries to the different CC licences and what it means for a user if he/she wants to use such a licence on either his or her own materials or in using materials with this type of licence. This webinar was aimed at educational media producers as well as teachers, educators and trainers interested in developing their own teaching material and media.

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