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Cool facts for kids, teachers and schools on Planets, Animals, Geography, History, Science and more!
CoolKidFacts is a new, free educational resource for teachers and students to learn more about the world around them. It covers a range of subjects including Geography, History, Planets, Science, Animals etc. The service plans to introduce quizzes and other resources in the near future, to keep both students and teachers engaged.

All of its content is 100% kid-friendly, so users can be sure they can browse safely in class and at home.

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Digitale Kompetenzen

On this website, a large number of activities and Moodle courses to train students' digital competences can be found. An emphasis is put on perceiving ICT as a useful tool which can be used in many subjects.







Helmut Stemmer, Günther Schwarz, Dieter Laggner, Helmut Caba, Hubert Egger, Karl Fuchs, Gerhard Futschek, Markus Geiger, Wilfried Grossmann, Alfred Nußbaumer, Peter Micheuz, Andrea Prock, Franz Riegler, Marlis Schedler, Michael Steiner, Bernd Steiner, Helene Swaton, Franz Tranninger, Walter Wegscheider, Rudolf Zoufal, Julia Jäger, Thomas Narosy


Apps in der Volksschule: Ein Einblick in den Schulalltag

This document was the handout of the presentation of Sigrid Zwaiger in the MEDEAnet workshop on mobile learning. It includes some information on her master thesis and a list of interesting apps to be used in elementary education.

LIFEtool App-Tipps Februar 2013

In this document, a list of useful apps to be used in early and special needs education can be found. The apps are described briefly and were evaluated by an expert.

Tipps für die Anwendung von Apps

On this website, LIFEtool provides information about useful apps to be used in special needs education.

EDU-Puzzle – ein Projekt für die Primar- und Sekundarstufe I

EDU-Puzzle is a project of the Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz (Austria) and has the goal of creating and providing basic exercises for elementary and lower secondary schools. The materials are actually designed for tablets but can also be used on every computer and browser with an Internet connection.

1jour1actu - Des outils pour mieux comprendre l'info

The French website 1jour1actu - Des outils pour mieux comprendre l'info contains hundreds of contents (articles, videos, activities, dossiers, games, interactive sheets) on many different topics, ranging from Art, Literature, History, Biology, Science, to media literacy, sport, actualities.
The contents are aimed at the use in primary education classrooms. Each content is composed by attractive images, clear and short texts and a list of related contents for further deepening.
The teacher section provides them with “The highlights of the week”, files to download for the use in the classroom and an overview of the news and activities of the week.


Xtramath is a free web based Math facts fluency program that helps students master basic mathematical skills.
Xtramath can be used by parents with their children at home or by teachers with their students in the classroom or as homework. Student activities are simple and straight forward and are designed to take only a few minutes each day. Parents and teachers regularly receive progress reports in email and more detailed reports can be accessed online at any time. The program is designed to be easy to use in the classroom. It organises students on shared classroom computers. Teachers can set up a class in few minutes
The program can be accessed from any internet connected computer.

System requirements: 
XtraMath runs on Internet Explorer 7 or later with Flash player version 9 or later. It also should work with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers that have been updated in the last couple years. For best results, update your browser and flash player to the most recent version. Update your flash player on Adobe's Flash Player page. Javascript and browser cookies also need to be enabled. These are almost always enabled since many websites would break without them.







David Jeschke, Christopher Robert, Denise Ohlson, Erika Newell




Interactive Sites for Education

Interactive Sites for Education is a website that groups together tens of different K-5 online interactive educational games and simulations for many school subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Music. Each of these sections contains a number of subcategories. Each subcategory directly shows the linked snapshot of external websites. No review, evaluation or other type of data are available. The linked games are generally very entertaining and engaging. It is also possible to suggest new games.
The two sections “Art” and “Teacher Tools” are presently empty: content will be uploaded soon.
Other games can be found in the sections dedicated to Typing, Holidays and Brainteasers.

Meet Me @ The Corner

MEET ME AT THE CORNER (MMATC), is a dynamic, interactive site, which contains over 120 educational video podcasts for kids, organised in categories, rated and connected to additional educational contents, links and recommended books on the same topic of each video.
MMATC encourages individual expression and participation through video submissions from children worldwide. Through these video pod casts the staff hopes to create a community of children, who learn the art of self-expression and storytelling through video.

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