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All of the site's resources are available to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.

Moving Image Techniques

The website introduces children and teachers to moving image techniques.
The aim of the website is to assist in the teaching and creation of simple animation films by 5 short stop motion videos and guidelines explaining 5 different techniques to create moving images. The website has been created for school children aged 9 - 13 years old, although it can also be useful for other age groups.
It offers primary school students background information and guidelines to get started in creating an animation film themselves. It has also been used in the classroom to create films within a specific unit and during art classes, and has also been extensively used in adult education seminars and workshops. Teachers use the site to familiarise themselves with the techniques prior to introducing the topic in their classroom, as well as to show it to their students. The website materials have also been used during lectures of student teachers, helping their understanding of the media as well as creation of their own films.








Christina dePian, freelance artist and art educator in Athens, Greece


Anleitung zu Creative Book Builder (CBB) in Form eines "Mitmach-E-Books"

This resource is an interactive manual for the ebook creator "Creative Book Builder" (CBB). Actually, it is an e-book itself that can be used with CBB. The user is able to modify and adapt its content. Consequently, it is both a manual as well as an exercise book. The user will learn the functionalities of CBB and ebooks (epub) – how to add videos, images and to structure text etc. It is well suited to enable students to create their own interactive and media-rich e-book in school.
Creative Book Builder is an app that allows students to create ebooks in epub format. This format allows to embed videos, audio recording ect. CBB is available for Android and iOS.
Andreas Sexauer created this interactive manual.

Table of contents: 


Texte und Struktur des eBooks
Das Buch gliedern, Kapitel und Sektionen
Ganze Absätze formatieren

Bilder und andere Medien
Bilder einfügen und bearbeiten
Creative Commons Bilder
Videos einfügen
Audio Aufnahme einfügen
Musik einfügen
YouTube Video einfügen
Mediendateien aus der Cloud einfügen

Weitere Möglichkeiten
Multiple Choice
Code eingeben
Clipboard einfügen

Tipps und Tricks
Grundstuktur am Mac mit Pages erstellen
Tastaturen zur Texteingabe
Datenaustausch mit Hilfe von Cloud Diensten
Zusammenarbeiten — mehrere ePubs zusammenführen
Die Macht des Screenshots
Videos integrieren oder besser über Youtube?
Song oder Audioaufnahme aus Garage Band
Zusammenarbeit mit Pages, Keynote und Numbers
Datei mit der DropBox verlinken
Knackige Dokumentation per Video und der 5 Shot Rule
Screencast von iPad Inhalten

Tolle Partner — Apps die gut zuliefern
Tolle Partner — Apps die gut zuliefern
Videoschnitt mit iMovie
Trickfilme und Zeitraffer mit iStopMotion
Annotationen in Videos mit Ubersense
Skizzen, Zeichnungen und mehr
Geschichten mit Puppet
Pals erzählen
Eigene Ideen
Publishing und Distribution

System requirements: 
it can be used with every ebook software. However, using Creative Book Builder is recommanded.

200 Free Kids Educational Resources

The resources listed in this article, appeared at the beginning of 2013 on the website of OpenCulture, are found in a variety of formats: video lessons, apps, books, websites, etc.
They cover a wide range of topics, from language learning to narrative, from Mathematics and Sciences to Art and Visual Culture, from Geography and History to Music and Philosophy.
Every resource appears in the list categorised by topic and/or format and with a few-words description giving an idea of its characteristics and peculiarities.

Jonatan Academy

Jonatan Academy is a project for creating educational videos in Dutch for elementary schools.
The videos present on the website have been made by 11-year-old kids for younger students to learn the basics of Mathematics and Dutch language. The normal making process for these videos includes a script, the elaboration of visual material in Powerpoint and the publication on Youtube (
These videos are thought as integration or repetition to what students learn from the teacher, to help them memorise better the concepts explained.
The website also contains instructions and tools that can be useful for medium and high school students and for teachers as a guide to an interesting and useful activity.

Jonathan Academy is een project om nederlandstalige educationele video's te maken voor het basisonderwijs.
De video's op de website werden door 11-jarige kinderen gemaakt om jongere leerlingen de basis van wiskunde
en het Nederlands te leren. Bij de normale procedure voor het maken van deze filmpjes hoort een scenario, de uitwerking van beeldmateriaal in Powerpoint en een publicatie op Youtube (
Deze video's worden beschouwd als herhaling of bijkomende leerstof van wat de leerlingen zelf van de leerkracht leren, om hen zo te helpen beter de uitgelegde begrippen te onthouden. De website bevat ook instructies en hulpmiddelen die handig kunnen zijn voor studenten uit het middelbaar en voor leerkrachten als gids voor een interessante en bruikbare les.

Watch Know Learn - free educational videos

WatchKnowLearn lists free educational videos and provide descriptions and other information about them, as well as the possibility to comment and rate them. The collection presently contains over 35,000 videos divided in over 4,000 categories covering all major educational topics from elementary to secondary schools. The videos are available without any registration or fee to teachers in the classroom, and to students and parents at home.
A search tool is also provided to help find the desired material browsing by subject and age level. Video titles, descriptions, age-level information, and ratings are all edited for usefulness. Virtual classrooms are also being created.
The site invites broad participation of teachers, instructors and educators in order to organize all high-quality educational videos currently available on the Internet in a new kind of wiki guided by teachers.


WatchKnowLearn enumera videos educativos gratuitos y proporciona descripciones y otra información sobre ellos, así como la posibilidad de comentar y votarlos. La colección contiene actualmente más de 35.000 vídeos, divididos en más de 4.000 categorías que abarcan todos los temas principales de la educación primaria a la secundaria. Los videos están disponibles sin ningún tipo de inscripción o cuota a los maestros en el aula, y para los estudiantes y sus padres.
Se proporciona también una herramienta de búsqueda para ayudarle a encontrar el material deseado navegar por materia y nivel de edad. Vídeo títulos, descripciones, información de nivel de edad, y las votaciones están todos editados en base a su utilidad. Aulas virtuales también están siendo creadas.
El sitio invita a una amplia participación de los docentes, instructores y educadores con el fin de organizar todos los vídeos educativos de alta calidad disponibles en el Internet en un nuevo tipo de wiki guiado por los profesores.

Table of contents: 

Macrocategory (N. video)
• Language Arts (6160)
• Mathematics (6474)
• Science (9298)
• History (6911)
• Social Studies (2560)
• Computers and Technology (1420)
• The Arts (2605)
• Foreign Languages (1222)
• Life Skills (763)
• Vocational, Career Development, Business (592)
• Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics (924)
• Physical and Health Education (1169)
• Hobbies and Crafts (758)
• Holidays and Special Days (460)
• For Teachers and Parents (2905)
• WatchKnowLearn (69)
• Educational Links and Resources (9)
• Unsorted Videos (0)


Tiching is a free Spanish platform dedicated to education. It collects teaching resources and a social network has formed on top of this service. At present collected resources are more than 83000. The website is available in all official languages of Spain and in English. Tiching is aimed at the whole education community: teaching staff, students, families, publishers and anybody related in some way to the world of education.
Two search engines are provided. The internal one gives a number of options to refine researches, including language, skills, level of education, etc. The second search engine can be installed in external WordPress websites and blogs to perform searches in Tiching directly from there.
The social network has been designed for the education community and is formed by more than 25000 people collaborating from all over Spain.
There are many types of digital educational content in Tiching: activities tutorials, projects, teachers guides, etc. They are provided in many different formats such as video, text, image, interactive activity, etc.
Each content file contains:
• Basic information: title, description, image, tags, language, short URL, creator;
• Validation: it’s the internal validation process through which every resource passes when uploaded
• Thanks: it’s a feedback about the usefulness of a resource
• Save
• Comment
• Report

Twittclasses Francophones

This website (only available in French) reviews virtual classes given on Twitter. After Laurence Juin and Eric Delacroix's successful experiences in June 2010, Twitter classes have been continuously spreading in France. Twittclasses Francophones gathers 170 Twitter classes, shows their conversational threads, includes several other video and slide resources about Twitter and virtual classes.

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