Primary and Secondary Level Education

School Tv: Netherlands national and language-dependent repositories makes all kinds of programs throughout the year for primary and secondary education and offers all sorts of interesting series for secondary schools. Virtually all programs have material that accompany the programs.
Wikimedia must be accompanied with "werkboekjes" pupils and teachers manuals. Wikimedia Commons is also the driving force behind various educational websites, with which students can gather knowledge independently and in a playful manner.


Belgian national and language-dependent repositories with educational videos of various themes and content: art, web, nature, society, history and more.

Film Arkivet: Swedish video & image archives

National and language-dependent repositories in Sweden.
The Film Archive at the Swedish Film Institute is one of the oldest in the world, it's is to mission to collect, catalog, preserve, restore and make the Swedish film heritage available. With the Swedish film heritage means all films, both Swedish and foreign, feature films as documentaries, animations, commercials, newsreels, etc.

On you have the opportunity to see the unique moving image material from the archives which are now available; mostly short, documentary, magazine and commercial, which reflects a Swedish century of transformation and the emergence of modern society.

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Space Telescope

This web page is dedicated to the dissemination of educational and informative videos about space, the Hubble telescope, latest research and serves the community of astronomers, journalists, teachers and laypeople with the best possible science communication products, as efficiently as possible, and adapt our strategies to suit the needs of the target group whenever needed.







ESA/Hubble’s education and public outreach office, which runs, is integrated with the European Southern Observatory’s education and Public Outreach Department (ESO ePOD).


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