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BLOSSOMS video lessons are enriching students' learning experiences in high school classrooms from Brooklyn to Beirut to Bangalore. Its Video Library contains over 50 math and science lessons, all freely available to teachers as streaming video and Internet downloads and as DVDs and videotapes.
The BLOSSOMS Video Library contains lessons to use in your classroom. Every lesson is a complete resource that includes video segments, a teacher’s guide, downloadable hand-outs and a list of additional online resources relevant to the topic. MIT carefully crafts each BLOSSOMS lesson to make your classroom come alive. Each 50-minute lesson builds on math and science fundamentals by relating abstract concepts to the real world. The lessons intersperse video instruction with planned exercises that engage students in problem solving and critical thinking, helping students build the kind of gut knowledge that comes from hands-on experience. By guiding students through activities from beginning to end, BLOSSOMS lessons give students a sense of accomplishment and excitement.
While MIT faculty members and partnering educators in Jordan and Pakistan created the first BLOSSOMS lessons, today educators from around the world create and submit BLOSSOMS modules. MIT Blossoms welcomes contributors to join their international online community to learn more about their videos and to engage with educators worldwide who are looking for ways to enrich their students' classroom experiences and share their ideas.

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Aufzeichnung des Webinars "Mind the App!" am Tag des Digitalen Lernens

Mind the App! is an exciting and innovative resource book which introduces teachers and their students to some
of the most useful and interesting web applications for language teaching and learning. Thomas Strasser, the author, talks about it in this webinar.

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flash player, speakers

ePortfolio app

ePOP means - electronical personality orientated portfolio - and focuses on self-instructed learning and documentation within educational standards. Work is done using a smartphone-app - but the focus is on putting the apps to work that a student decides upon. Different tasks (which are associated with educational standards) have to be solved - depending on the interests and goals of the learner.

System requirements: 
-Smartphone (iPhone/Android/PC for exe-version) -Moodle-Server for saving data (Moodle is used as data-storage and does not necessarily have to be used with a course-concept) -Moodle-extensions: exabis eportfolio-module (is used as the data-container and reflection module) - more info at www.exabis.at optional: exabis competencies-module (is used to document the assessment of competencies within a subject) - more info at www.exabis.at







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