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ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12. These simulations are called Gizmos, which are flexible to support many different teaching styles and contexts and designed as supplemental curriculum materials that support state and national curriculum standards; in addition, Gizmos help teachers bring research-proven instructional strategies to their classrooms.

"Watch one of our demonstration movies. In particular, the "Introduction to ExploreLearning" movie is perfect for the first-time visitor to ExploreLearning. (It runs about 8 minutes but covers everything.) In addition, we have five Teaching with Gizmos movies that show how you might teach a specific lesson using Gizmos."











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Teaching with Games

Teaching with Games was a year-long project investigating the place of mainstream commercial computer games in the classroom. The project aimed to provide practical and informed evidence of the implications and potential of the use of these games in school, and an informed strategy for future educational development requirements, based upon collaborative discussions between industry and the education community. You can view a video as well as download a few publications.

Table of contents: 

Teaching with Games: Final report (1mb pdf)
Teaching with Games: Guidance for educators (337kb pdf)
St Johns Student Research Group report (184kb pdf)
Survey on students' attitudes to games and learning (109kb pdf)
Survey on teachers' attitudes to games and learning (123kb pdf)
Final report press release (2 October 2006)
Teaching with Games presentation at BETT 2007 (605kb pdf)

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