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SignMedia - Interactive learning resource

This is a website for Deaf Media Professionals who want to improve their written English skills. An online learning resource that teaches elements of broadcast media industry-specific English through Sign Language video and interactive tasks.
The video narrative and gameplay immerses learners into an alternative reality where learners start to work for the fictional Deaf production company Sunrise Media Productions as the production manager for the soap opera ‘Beautiful Days’.

The resource has been designed primarily as a vocational tool for Deaf media professionals, but can also benefit Deaf media students and other Sign Language users who wish to develop their written English at an intermediate level or learn media specific signs. Hearing people with a professional or personal interest in sign languages can also benefit from an extensive Sign Language glossary of Media terminology – the first of its kind.
The Learning Tool is signed in British, Italian and Austrian Sign Languages.






Christine Jolly, international SignMedia project, lead by the University of Wolverhampton (UK).


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