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A website created by Kieran Donaghy, that uses short films to promote cineliteracy - the ability to analyse and interpret moving images - in the language classroom. It is a resource bank containing over 90 lesson plans for teachers designed around moving images.
It is aimed at elementary and advanced learners and their teachers. It is very user-friendly, legible and well organised. The lessons are categorized by topic, level and age appropriateness and include homework and follow-up activities. There is a glossary of common film terms and links for teachers and students to related sites. For ease of use the short films and worksheets are embedded into the site. The teachers do not need to download anything, they only need internet access, a computer and a data-projection in the classroom.

Film English

This website promotes the use of film in the language classroom, suggesting movies with age specifications, lesson plans, and including a film language glossary and film links to help both teachers and students.

The three main objectives of Film English are:
- promote the critical and creative use of film in the language classroom
- promote cineliteracy, the ability to read critically and evaluate moving images, in the language classroom.
- promote creativity amongst both teachers and students.

Table of contents: 

- awards
- Elementary (A1) – Pre-intermediate (A2)
- Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (c1)
- Intermediate (B1) – Upper-intermediate (B2.1)
- Intermediate (B1)- Advanced (B2.2)
- lesson
- Pre-intermediate (A2) – Intermediate (B1)
- Upper intermediate (B2.1) – Advanced (B2.2)
- Upper-intermediate (B2.1)- Advanced (C1)






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