Creating video in school: A collaborative learning activity

"Creating video in school: A collaborative learning activity" was presented at the eTwinning Ambassadors Online Conference on 18th October 2014.

Video has been used effectively in various educational contexts in multiple ways to support learning as a dynamic medium of visualization, narration, abstraction and recognition. Last years after the digital technology evolution, video can easily be used and produced in the classroom in order to record and analyze interactions, develop critical thinking, creativity and enhance collaborative learning.

This presentation focuses on designing and implementing learning collaborative activities towards the creation of video in the classroom and also on the ways to collaborate with a partner school through video production. Furthermore, basic concepts from film literature are presented and particular proposals for entwining schools’ collaboration based on best practices of using videos in school setting.

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Leitfaden Social Media

"Leitfaden Social Media" is a diverse and concise guideline for social media in companies. It covers various aspects of the use of social media relevant to business. Amongst other it deals with social media for marketing, internal collaboration, content, media selection/production, recruiting, costumer relationship, monitoring etc. In an excursus also IPR restriction for the use of social media in a business context are dealt with. Moreover, best practices are presented and help to gain insight in the use of social media for companies. The guideline was published and created by BITKOM the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media

Table of contents: 

Social Media in Deutschland – Ein Überblick
Social Media Handlungsfelder für Unternehmen
Strategie- und Zieldefintion als Grundvoraussetzung
Interne Kommunikation und Kollaboration
Social Customer Relationship Management
Social Intelligence
Service und Support wird in Social Media zu einem »must-have«
Human Resources und Recruiting
Besondere Herausforderungen für B2B-Unternehmen
Social Media Organisation, Governance und Risiken
Personelle Ressourcen für Social Media
Exkurs I: Vom Shitstorm kalt erwischt
Social Media Inhalte und Medien-Mix
Exkurs II: Corporate Blogs – Türöffner in eine neue Welt der Kommunikation
Social Media Guidelines
Social Media Montoring
Social Media Erfolgsmessung
Exkurs III: Typische rechtliche Herausforderungen für Social Media im Unternehmen
Accounts und Kontakte
Wettbewerb und Einwilligung
Checkliste für Unternehmen zum Social Media Einsatz
Best-Practice Beispiele
Social Media bei der Conet Group
»Unser bester Botschafter« – Social Media Governance bei Microsoft Deutschland
T-Systems: Social Media im B2B-Großkundenumfeld








BITKOM Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e. V






Creating video in schools

This presentation proposes a methodology on creating a video in school as a collaborative learning activity.
Creating a video in school, pupils can express their thoughts, views and ideas and cultivate their skills through a creative and collaborative process. The methodology follows five basic steps from the first idea till the publishing and disseminating of the video. Furthermore, additional resources are listed about the filming language, audiovisual expression, virtual workshops and the software of video processing.

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