Widbook is a new service that is part multimedia book authoring tool and part social network. It allows to create digital books containing text, images, and videos as well as creating a virtual bookshelf. It is also possible to invite others to make contributions to one's books.
Widbook has the potential to be a good web-based platform both for students to construct multimedia research papers and for teachers to create their own multimedia textbooks to use in their classrooms.


WeVideo is an online videoediting platform, easy to use and for collaborative working.
After uploading video clips and photos it's possible to directly create storylines and edit them in the cloud: it's all made in the browser without downloading any software. The platform works well also on tablet and smartphone.
It's possible to collaborate with others on video stories co-creating the same video or coming up with unique versions from the clips in the cloud-based video library.
On the website it's possible to choose the free account or among 3 other kinds of accounts.
The website also contains tutorials on the use of the platform.
One of the grat advantages is the easy way to share and collaborate on video and the easy way of publishing to any of te existing social media that support video.








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