MEDEAnet webinar: E-book Creation

Thanks to the multiple functionalities mobile devices like tablets and smart phones are offering it is becoming easier to let students develop their own multimedia e-book in class. In this MEDEAnet webinar you will have the chance to get to know what possibilities exist for the use of e-books for educational purposes.
In this MEDEAnet webinar you will have the chance to get to know what possibilities exist for the use of e-books for educational purposes and to let your students easily develop their own learning resources.

Andreas Sexauer from the Distance Learning Centre at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) will demonstrate the technical possibilities apps like the creative book builder are offering and how easy new learning material can be developed. He will present some results from a workshop with students during which they developed their own ebook.

Fiona Passantino, director from the App Train, will focus on the technical opportunities Apple is offering to teachers when they want to develop their own ebooks in class.

This webinar was held on 20 March and attended by 32 participants from 13 countries and was mainly aimed at teachers, educators and trainers interested in introducing eBook production in their class.

To see the discussion linked to this webinar go to http://www.media-and-learning.eu/content/e-book-creation-medeanet-webina...

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Anleitung zu Creative Book Builder (CBB) in Form eines "Mitmach-E-Books"

This resource is an interactive manual for the ebook creator "Creative Book Builder" (CBB). Actually, it is an e-book itself that can be used with CBB. The user is able to modify and adapt its content. Consequently, it is both a manual as well as an exercise book. The user will learn the functionalities of CBB and ebooks (epub) – how to add videos, images and to structure text etc. It is well suited to enable students to create their own interactive and media-rich e-book in school.
Creative Book Builder is an app that allows students to create ebooks in epub format. This format allows to embed videos, audio recording ect. CBB is available for Android and iOS.
Andreas Sexauer created this interactive manual.

Table of contents: 


Texte und Struktur des eBooks
Das Buch gliedern, Kapitel und Sektionen
Ganze Absätze formatieren

Bilder und andere Medien
Bilder einfügen und bearbeiten
Creative Commons Bilder
Videos einfügen
Audio Aufnahme einfügen
Musik einfügen
YouTube Video einfügen
Mediendateien aus der Cloud einfügen

Weitere Möglichkeiten
Multiple Choice
Code eingeben
Clipboard einfügen

Tipps und Tricks
Grundstuktur am Mac mit Pages erstellen
Tastaturen zur Texteingabe
Datenaustausch mit Hilfe von Cloud Diensten
Zusammenarbeiten — mehrere ePubs zusammenführen
Die Macht des Screenshots
Videos integrieren oder besser über Youtube?
Song oder Audioaufnahme aus Garage Band
Zusammenarbeit mit Pages, Keynote und Numbers
Datei mit der DropBox verlinken
Knackige Dokumentation per Video und der 5 Shot Rule
Screencast von iPad Inhalten

Tolle Partner — Apps die gut zuliefern
Tolle Partner — Apps die gut zuliefern
Videoschnitt mit iMovie
Trickfilme und Zeitraffer mit iStopMotion
Annotationen in Videos mit Ubersense
Skizzen, Zeichnungen und mehr
Geschichten mit Puppet
Pals erzählen
Eigene Ideen
Publishing und Distribution

System requirements: 
it can be used with every ebook software. However, using Creative Book Builder is recommanded.

How-To-Guide Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators

This e-book explains digital storytelling and includes tutorials to implement available online tools for digital storytelling and resources through step-by-step tutorials. This e-book is licensed under Creative Commons, and the author's blog lists many more useful resources, downloadable how-to-guides and interesting blog posts: http://langwitches.org/

Table of contents: 

About the Author
Available Tools for Digital Storytelling
- Audacity
- Google Maps
- Photo Story
- Mixbook
- VoiceThread
- Windows Movie Maker
- Wordle
- Digital Storytelling Resources
- Google Earth
- PhotoStory
- Audacity
- Google Maps
- Movie Production
- Windows Movie Maker
- Wordle
- Creative Commons Media
- Sound & Music
- Images

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