Namathis organizes more than 10,800 educational videos from the Internet, 2,000 in english, 8,000 in spanish and 800 in portuguese (and increasing). It aims to offer video lessons about different subjects to help High School and university students in their studies.
Namathis seek and organize videos in matters so that the student can reach different video explanations upon the same topic. Students can also comment and ask the community about it.
Students have just one place to access the videos of the subjects they are studying; they can watch more than one explanation, so they can understand thoroughly what they are learning. They can share comments and questions with teachers and students over a specific theme.
Students can access academic contents in a flexible way. They catch up when they miss a class and, above all, they can revise the material as many times as they think it is necessary to prepare an exam
Teachers can add videos about a subject they consider useful not needing to sign up for it. Also they can answer questions of the students, taking into account that thousands of students could be helped this way.
Educational video authors in Namathis are viewed more times because they are enlisted by subject-matter and topic. Besides, every video includes a link to the author's channel in Youtube, boosting up its visibility.

Table of contents: 

In English:
• Android
• Computer Science

Finance & Economy
• Finance

• Angles
• Introduction to Euclidean geometry

• Art History: - 400 C.E. Ancient Cultures
• History

• Algebra: Absolute value
• Algebra: Exponents and Radicals
• Algebra: Graphing linear equations and inequalities
• Algebra: Introduction to Algebra
• Algebra: Logarithms
• Algebra: Ratios & proportions
• Algebra: Solving linear equations
• Algebra: Solving linear inequalities
• Algebra: Systems of equations and inequalities
• Geometry - Basic
• Probability
• Trigonometry

• Biology
• Chemistry
• Cosmology and Astronomy
• Healthcare and Medicine
• Organic Chemistry
• Physics

In Spanish:
• Anatomía
• Biología
• Ecología
• Física
• Geografía
• Medicina
• Química
• Química orgánica

Ciencias Sociales
• Chino mandarín
• Filosofía
• Francés
• Historia
• Historia de Latinoamérica
• Historia del Arte
• Inglés
• Lengua
• Literatura
• Reglas gramaticales
• Sociología

• Taekwondo

Economía y Finanzas
• Contabilidad
• Economía
• Finanzas

• Android
• Drupal
• E-learning Class
• eXeLearning
• Google Docs
• Graphmatica
• HTML 5
• Diseño Gráfico
• MS Access 2010
• MS Excel 2010
• MS Word 2010
• Internet
• Java
• Moodle
• MS Access 2007
• MS Excel 2003
• MS Excel 2007
• MS PowerPoint 2007
• MS Word 2000
• MS Word 2003
• MS Word 2007
• Programación Android
• Ubuntu
• Wikispaces
• Windows 7
• Xcode - Programar aplicaciones iOS (iPhone y iPad)

• Algebra
• Algebra: Ecuaciones de primer grado
• Análisis Matemático
• Aritmética
• Cálculo
• Curiosidades Matemáticas
• Desarrollo de Matemáticas
• Ecuaciones Diferenciales
• Geometría
• Pre Algebra
• Probabilidad y estadística
• Trigonometría

• Ajedrez
• Homeopatía

In Portuguese:
• Biologia
• Fisica
• Geografia
• Química

• Álgebra
• Álgebra: Exemplos
• Aritmética
• Geometria
• Trigonometría

Flat World Knowledge - free textbooks

Flat World Knowledge is a large college textbook publishing company that allows students to read and share entire textbooks online for free. It develops and publishes peer-reviewed expert-authored college textbooks under a Creative Commons license.
This online library contains a comprehensive selection of books across disciplines including Business & Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Professional and Applied Sciences, and Mathematics. The books are available for free online but can also be made portable and used across many digital devices or printed with a premium option, the All-Access Pass.
Flat World Knowledge offers several other possibilities too:
• teachers can adopt online books to use them in the classroom or can have students get their own printed copy (normally for a fraction of the normal textbook prices)
• books are open and can be reviewed, customised and reshared
• study aid tools such as key term flashcards, practice quizzes and audio guided study aids to help students succeed.

Watch Know Learn - free educational videos

WatchKnowLearn lists free educational videos and provide descriptions and other information about them, as well as the possibility to comment and rate them. The collection presently contains over 35,000 videos divided in over 4,000 categories covering all major educational topics from elementary to secondary schools. The videos are available without any registration or fee to teachers in the classroom, and to students and parents at home.
A search tool is also provided to help find the desired material browsing by subject and age level. Video titles, descriptions, age-level information, and ratings are all edited for usefulness. Virtual classrooms are also being created.
The site invites broad participation of teachers, instructors and educators in order to organize all high-quality educational videos currently available on the Internet in a new kind of wiki guided by teachers.


WatchKnowLearn enumera videos educativos gratuitos y proporciona descripciones y otra información sobre ellos, así como la posibilidad de comentar y votarlos. La colección contiene actualmente más de 35.000 vídeos, divididos en más de 4.000 categorías que abarcan todos los temas principales de la educación primaria a la secundaria. Los videos están disponibles sin ningún tipo de inscripción o cuota a los maestros en el aula, y para los estudiantes y sus padres.
Se proporciona también una herramienta de búsqueda para ayudarle a encontrar el material deseado navegar por materia y nivel de edad. Vídeo títulos, descripciones, información de nivel de edad, y las votaciones están todos editados en base a su utilidad. Aulas virtuales también están siendo creadas.
El sitio invita a una amplia participación de los docentes, instructores y educadores con el fin de organizar todos los vídeos educativos de alta calidad disponibles en el Internet en un nuevo tipo de wiki guiado por los profesores.

Table of contents: 

Macrocategory (N. video)
• Language Arts (6160)
• Mathematics (6474)
• Science (9298)
• History (6911)
• Social Studies (2560)
• Computers and Technology (1420)
• The Arts (2605)
• Foreign Languages (1222)
• Life Skills (763)
• Vocational, Career Development, Business (592)
• Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics (924)
• Physical and Health Education (1169)
• Hobbies and Crafts (758)
• Holidays and Special Days (460)
• For Teachers and Parents (2905)
• WatchKnowLearn (69)
• Educational Links and Resources (9)
• Unsorted Videos (0)

Portal Educativo Banco de España /BCE

In the video resources section are many videos about the Euro and explanation related the Euro system and the monetary policy. Also there is a link to videos in 22 languages about similar topics.
This series of videos offers insight into the work of the European Central Bank. Explore our videos and find out more about the Eurosystem, the monetary policy of the ECB, its history and tasks as well as other aspects of central banking in the euro area.
The videos are available in 22 languages.






Banco de España / Banco Central Europeo





HippoCampus was designed as part of Open Education Resources (OER), a worldwide effort to improve access to quality education for everyone. HippoCampus content has been developed by some of the finest colleges and universities in the world and contributed to the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), another MITE project. NROC makes editorial and engineering investment in the content to prepare it for distribution by HippoCampus.

Lots of resources, presentations and videos, can be browsed by topic: Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry, Calculus & Advanced Math, Statistics & Probability, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Economics, History & Government, Psychology, Religion.

Toporopa - train your brain with geography

This fun website includes educational quizzes about Europe and geography. You can test your geographical, political, historical and economical knowledge about Europe in animated quizzes that are focussed on the European map, for instance: pin the correct name to rivers on the map, find the European countries, ...







Sonja Snoek






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