Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes

The mission of the Turkish Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes is providing close coordination with the public institutions, public and private institutions, public and private schools, private sector, non-governmental institutions, local authorities, professional organizations and youth organizations. It also contributes to dissemination of good practices and results of the projects in Turkey and abroad, and to making general evaluation and development of the programmes, making joint efforts for increasing network among various programmes.
The Turkish National Agency’s quarterly published magazine “Egitim ve Genclik”, due in three months time, is also available on this webpage:






Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes




Özge Karaoğlu's blog about educational media

This is a very nice blog by Özge Karaoğlu, who wrote the storyline of Daisy and Drago, winner project of the MEDEA Award for Creativity and Innovation 2009 ( She works as the leader of the kindergarten department and as an English teacher at Terakki Foundation School (Turkey), using new developing Web 2.0 technologies in her teaching and writing about how to use these technologies in language education on her personal blog.

Italian Association for Media Education (MED)

The Italian Association for Media Education (MED) is a non-profit organization established in 1996 in Rome by a group of university professors, school teachers and media professionals. The objectives of its mission can be summarized as follows:
to create a network among all the people who are interested in the relationship between media and children/adult education;
to promote research, study and experimentation in the field of media education, media studies and pedagogy;
to foster the collaboration among the different stakeholders.

One the most important initiatives organized by the Association since 1996 is the Summer School in Corvara where media educators are formed and trained (both at theoretical and practical level). In Corvara every year national/international scholars, school teachers and educators, students, media professionals meet and confront each other about the issues and concerns regarding the promotion of an active citizenship through Media Education.


L'Associazione Italiana per la Media Education (MED) è una organizzazione non-profit fondata nel 1996 a Roma da un gruppo di docenti universitari, insegnanti e professionisti dei media. Gli obiettivi della sua missione possono essere riassunti come segue:

creare una rete tra tutte le persone che sono interessate al rapporto tra media e educazione infantile o degli adulti;
promuovere la ricerca, lo studio e la sperimentazione nel campo della media education, media studies e pedagogia;
favorire la collaborazione tra i diversi soggetti.

Una delle iniziative più importanti organizzate dall'Associazione dal 1996 è la Summer School di Corvara, dove media educator sono formati e addestrati (sia a livello teorico che pratico). A Corvara ogni anno studiosi nazionali e internazionali, insegnanti ed educatori, studenti, professionisti dei media si incontrano e si confrontano sui problemi e le preoccupazioni riguardanti la promozione di una cittadinanza attiva attraverso la Media Education.

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