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Regards sur la Psychologie Sociale Expérimentale

Regards sur la psychologie sociale expérimentale or “Perspectives on experimental social psychology” is a series of 5 video clips each of which consists of a short film of an experiment and a presentation to explain the following topics: the fundamental attribution error, the failure to assist a person in danger, the effects of a commitment process, the effects of categorisation and the effects of social comparison. The series was created in 2007 by VIDEOSCOP Université Nancy 2, the audio-visual and multimedia research and production department of Université Nancy2, France (

This project targets university students, and particularly those in the field of social psychology. Experiments are the basis of many fundamental concepts in the field of social psychology, and these have been conducted in strict test conditions so the majority of them are only available to social psychology students in texts on paper. This online collection contains five experiments that are reconstructed and recorded. These videos show in particular the methodology used and the subjects’ reactions, thus visualising the concepts to make them easier to understand and remember. Each of the five recorded experiments is linked to a theoretical part, explaining the experiment and creating links with the theoretical concepts that students need to know and learn.

A more detailed English description of the project is available in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website:

Court introduction

This web-based court introduction (Rättegångsskolan på webben), created by the lawyer and information officer Ulf Hjerppe and administered by the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (, explains what happens before, during and after court proceedings to those people who are required to make an appearance in court (crime victims, witnesses, relatives and perpetrators).

A more detailed English description of the project is available in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website:

The Big Myth

The Big Myth is an interactive, community-building learning website and CD-ROM, presenting a collection of 25 creation myths from around the world using Flash animation, storytelling, sound and music. It is available in English and Dutch and designed for group learning for ages 7-14. The myths themselves are the central focus of the site, but the entire environment is made up of six sections, including a Teachers Guide, Discussion Forum, Write Your Own Creation Myth area and Library, making it a fully-integrated educational website that fits in with religious studies or world cultural program of the common international curriculum, as well as within ancient history or even remedial English or Dutch language classes.

You can also find a description of the project in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website

Unseen Voices

Created by Sergio López Figueroa in partnership with Brent Council and delivered by Big Bang Lab, Unseen Voices is an interdisciplinary outreach project aiming to engage young people and the community through creative participatory practice using film archives, photographs and live original music. The project helps to create awareness of the importance of remembrance, commemoration, peacekeeping and human rights in today´s world. The main output is to connect historical and contemporary issues such as discrimination, racism and gang violence by looking at the past and creating a debate among students, teachers and the community.

In two-week workshops a group of music students learn the history of the second World War, the Holocaust and Kindertransport (youth refugees in 1939) by learning how to create a film entirely by re-using archive film footage and photography and editing digitised clips, learn where and how to research, copyright issues, make the storyboard and the film, compose the music with support of Music Leader and finally perform live at the Holocaust Memorial Day with the Unseen Voices film in Wembley Town Hall in January 2008.
At a second stage, an educational DVD was produced as a learning resource and distributed to 100 schools in the Borough including four mini documentaries of the whole process and further resources including web resources for the use of teachers and other schools.

You can also find a description of the project in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website

HeSCA Media Festivals

HeSCA Media Festivals are an international forum for health sciences media promoted by the Health and Science Communications Association. Their goal is to showcase and recognize individuals and organizations whose works represent the very best in health sciences media production.
A select number of the productions entered in the competition are presented prestigious awards at special ceremonies held in conjunction with the HeSCA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, in Arizona. The Festivals are divided into categories based upon media format and intended audience. For the Video Festival there are six categories: Curriculum Based Education, Continuing Education, Patient Education, General Health Information, Marketing, and Public Service Announcements (PSA) / Medical Health Reports (MHR).

Film Awards and Prizes - University of Leicester

This web page is a list of some interesting educational films produced by Jon Shears and Carl Vivian who both work in Multimedia Services in IT Services of the University of Leicester. Their expertise in creating educational films and teaching materials, and for designing and teaching film production modules has been internationally recognised: here you can find some of the winner films.

SchoolTube is a free video sharing website, approved by over a dozen National Education Associations for use in K-12 schools. Their mission is to provide educators and students a safe and fun video sharing environment to enhance their classrooms and learning experiences. Videos are student produced and moderator approved through a innovative Chain of Accountability process.

An assortment of new student and teacher created content is available on daily from lots of categories, and it can be used by students, teachers, administrators, and school-related associations.

ResearchChannel on YouTube

ResearchChannel is a nonprofit media and technology organization that connects a global audience with the research and academic institutions whose developments. Its YouTube Channel is a good repository of educational videos.

UWTV - University of Washington TV

UWTV is a multi-platform media organization connecting the region and the world to the University of Washington on air, online and via mobile devices. UWTV programs are available to watch on demand and via live webstream through the website, as well as iTunes U and YouTube. On the website you can also find a lot of educational videos, searching in the video library or browsing by subject.

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iSchool Africa youth press team

iSchool Africa is a project started with World Cup 2010 aiming to bring the best available education technology and practices to schools in South Africa. The Youth Press Team involves teams in more than 20 schools across South Africa using Apple technology to create newsworthy video content for TV.

On the website you can find a lot of videos created by students in South Africa and hosted on YouTube, like this one giving some useful tips on how to carry out a interview:

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