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Catálogo de Experiencias de Enlaces

El portal Catálogo de Experiencias de Enlaces, creado por el Ministerio de Educación de Chile, incluye experiencias pedagógicas que incorporan programas computacionales y otras tecnologías y ofrece herramientas tecnológicas educativa creadas en Chile dirigidas a promover el intercambio de buenas prácticas y desarrollar nuevas técnicas de enseñanza que mejoren la calidad de la educación en el país.
En el catálogo hay más de 100 casos exitosos y validados en la forma en que utilizan la tecnología en el interior de una sala de clases. Para facilitar la búsqueda existen diversas secciones tales como regionales, niveles y subsectores, de acuerdo a los intereses del profesor. Una vez seleccionado uno de ellos, aparece una ficha completa que incluye datos, descripciones, resultados y anexos.

Un videojuego educativo que ha sido desarrollado en Chile es Kokori:

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The Link Experiences Repository, created by the Ministry of Education of Chile, includes educational experiences that incorporate computer programs and other technologies and provides educational technology tools created in Chile and aimed to promoting the exchange of good practices and developing new teaching techniques that improve the quality of education in the country.
In the repository you can find over 100 successful cases. To facilitate the search there are several sections such as regional levels and other sub-levels. Each case displays a full record including data, descriptions, results and schedules.

An educational videogame developed in Chile is Kokori:

Web 2.0 ERC European Resource Centre

The Web 2.0 ERC is a EU funded project designed to help educators who find ICT confusing to have a simple and secure environment to use ICT in their work and in their classes. The project has built a simple web platform that includes the most popular tools (Wikis, Blogs, communications, Social Networking etc.) with clear guides on:
- How to use the tools
- How they can be used in education
The project has also looked at other Web 2.0 tools that can be used to create content, share the content and communicate. Members of the Web2.0ERC Community of Practice have contributed to the repository of tools.

JISC MediaHub Blog

MediaHub is a new JISC-funded service, which makes available collections:
- held by MediaHub. You can view and download the videos, images and sounds, if your college or university subscribes to MediaHub. Institutions can subscribe to MediaHub via the JISC Collections website.
- held on websites that can be accessed by any internet user, without a password.
- held on websites that may require a password for access. You will link from MediaHub to the external website, then login (if you have a valid password), to view or download the resource.

My Study Mate

My Study Mate is a website created by the Transition Year Students of Ratoath College, Co. Meath as part of their Digital Media Studies Class. All the resources on the website aim to help students with preparation for their exams and they are absolutely free for anyone to use. There are powerpoint presentations and video tutorials in order to create and share contents; all the videos on the website are produced with students, by students, for students.
You can also add to the database links that could be interesting for students or resources in any subject in MS Word Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher or PDF format.

Table of contents: 

Business, Italian, Maths, Geography, Religion, Home Economy, Irish, Science, Technology






Transition Year Students of Ratoath College, Co. Meath


Language Learning and Social Media - 6 Key Dialogues

"Language Learning and Social Media - 6 Key Dialogues" is a community where 14 partner institutions of national, European and international reach examine 6 key dimensions of the combination language learning - social media.

These fundamental dimensions are:
- Language learning, social media and social inclusion
- Language learning, social media and development of language resources
- Language learning and teaching through social media in new EU countries: the case of Romania, Latvia and Poland
- Language learning, social media and multilingualism
- Language learning through social media: evolution of teaching practices
- Language learning and teaching in formal and non formal contexts through ICT
- Social media and Interculturality in language education
- Socializing and learning languages in web 2.0 communities

Each key dialogue is enriched by analysis and exploitation of data related to the topic. Reports, comparative studies, special issues of online journals, field analysis and open competitions complete the range of network outcomes.
A database of resources is also available here:

Viducate Network

The Viducate Network is an initiative to promote video education across all educational sectors in Europe.
Their vision is: "Viducate is concerned with the development of active citizenship in intercultural contexts at all levels of formal and informal education. Video and multimedia form the core of this non-prescriptive pedagogy of production in the information society."

On the website you can find a lot of interesting documents about the use of Media in Education and a video gallery.
You can also subscribe and receive the Viducate monthly newsletter.

European Film Gateway

The European Film Gateway (EFG) portal gives you quick and easy access to hundreds of thousands of film historical documents as preserved in European film archives and cinémathèques: photos, posters, programmes, periodicals, censorship documents, rare feature and documentary films, newsreels and other materials. Targeted at scientific researchers and the interested public alike, the EFG offers a look at and behind the scenes of filmmaking in Europe from the early days until today.


Il portale European Film Gateway (EFG) consente di accedere rapidamente e facilmente a centinaia di migliaia di documenti cinematografici storici conservati in cineteche europee e cineteche: foto, manifesti, programmi, periodici, documenti di censura, documentaristici e particolari, cinegiornali e altri materiali. Destinato a ricercatori scientifici e al pubblico interessato allo stesso modo, la EFG offre uno sguardo al dietro le quinte del cinema in Europa, fin dai primi giorni fino ad oggi.


Share.TEC is a European platform dedicated to teacher educators, pre- and in-service teachers, and educational publishers and content providers who want to learn about, find, share and use digital resources for teacher education purposes. The core comes from the consortium of the Share.TEC project, which is funded by the EC under the eContentplus programme and includes partners in higher education and educational publishing.

On this website you can find a multitude of resource types and forms, including reference material, lesson plans, teaching units, practice examples, presentations, articles, research studies, and so on. There’s a wealth of multimedia content too.

You can also join the community MyShare.TEC, and then create your own profile with your areas of interest, use personalized support and recommendations tuned to your requirements; engage with others in the teacher education community; use social networking tools like bookmarking, rating, commenting, and saving favourite resources;
add your own material.

Educational Materials - Centre for Literacy of the University of Malta

The production of these media-based materials, for use in both school and adult education formal and non-formal settings, was spearheaded by the Centre for Literacy ( based at the University of Malta (, a research and development centre that focuses on the area of literacy and other basic skills.
One of the priorities of the Centre is to work towards improving and developing the methods of media enhanced learning in and out of schools, with specific reference to literacy, language and other basic skills.

The centre has been involved also in a number of EU-funded projects aimed at improving the teaching and learning of literacy and languages through emerging pedagogies and innovative media. Projects have included:
- Lingu@net, a virtual language learning resource library:
- TOOL, Tools for online and offline language learning):
- Europodians, Language learning via the ipod:

MEL SIG Podcasting Resources

The UK-based Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MEL SIG) brings together practitioners from higher and Further Education in the UK to share their experience and expertise in the uses and benefits of podcasting (both audio and video) to support learning and teaching.

They have emerged from the Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes Special Interest Group and have a wealth of useful resources available on their wiki ( for people interested in using podcasting for teaching purposes, both staff and student generated. These resources include ideas and examples of podcasting, research papers and practical advice.

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