MEDEAnet webinar: Social Media Use in the Classroom

Social media can be a very powerful tool that supports innovative types of learning and teaching. In this one-hour MEDEAnet webinar you will get an overview on how educators in schools can use social media to enrich teaching and learning in various different ways and what has to be considered.

This webinar took place on Thursday 22 May 2014 and was attended by 43 participants from 19 countries.
The first speaker was Gabriella Cseh, Head of Public Policy for Central and Eastern Europe for Facebook. She talked about a recently published guide on how to integrate Facebook in classroom and other formal as well as non-formal learning settings (see: http://www.ednfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/Facebookguideforeducator...).
The second speaker was Gijs Palsrok, a second generation teacher of English. He presented the practical side and describe how to integrate social media in the classroom. He will focus on using social media tools for instructions, Q&A (students and teacher) and testing.

This session helps you to understand the possibilities and challenges social media is offering and how it can be used in a fruitful and educationally valuable way. This webinar is aimed at teachers, educators and media producers interested in social media for learning.

To see the discussion linked to this webinar go to http://www.media-and-learning.eu/content/social-media-use-in-the-classro...

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Facebook Guide for Educators

The guide is aimed at educators working with young people within schools, colleges, universities, work based learning, formal and informal learning settings. It looks at the way in which Facebook can be used as a tool to:
• Support subject teaching across the curriculum
• Support out of school hours learning
• Encourage informal social learning
• Enable easy communication between students, teachers and parents
• Support the development of digital citizenship skills

The guide aims to be practical and hands on, but is not exhaustive. Innovative uses of Facebook are being developed all of the time and as such The Facebook team has created a Facebook for Educators Page run by educators for educators, to share their experiences and recommendations across the UK and beyond. To like the page, and join the conversation visit www.facebook.com/educationfoundationuk

Table of contents: 

What is Facebook?
Why did we do this?
What did we learn?
Who is this guide written for?
How we wrote this guide?
Facebook as a tool for teaching and learning
Uses for Facebook in and around the classroom
Facebook in the real world – Wellington College
Facebook in the real world – London Nautical School

Getting started with Facebook – useful tools, privacy and safety
Introducing Facebook at your school – what can help make the process easier?


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