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Chemistry: All About You

Çhemistry: All About You - Teach chemistry in a fun and innovative way is a website whereteachers can find chemistry resources to organise activities in the classroom around the video "Chemistry: All About You" developed by the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) in partnership with UNESCO and IUPAC. The objective is to propose tools for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach of chemistry teaching.
Video, teachers'guidelines, lesson plans, documents and experiment modules are available on the website.

Filmmaking Educational Program

The Doha Film Institute (DFI), in Qatar, is an umbrella organisation bringing all of Qatar’s various film initiatives under a single banner. The Institute offers year-round educational programmes of film making for young people, aiming to inspire and support a new generation of Qatari, regional and international filmmakers. These programmes include a full range of high-level courses, from intensive film labs with internationally acclaimed directors to cultural partnerships with other leading film institutions around the world, informative panel discussions, animation classes, weekend workshops and hands-on professional training. Educational support and resources are available to cinephiles of all ages and grants are offered to individuals wanting to make short films, who live in the Middle east.

On the website, video resources are available for each section of the "WORKSHOPS AND LABS" menu (see also the Additional Information below).

Xplore Health

Xplore Health is a European educational portal on cutting-edge health research that offers innovative multimedia and hands-on experiences to young people through the internet, schools and science centres and museums. This project's aims are: to bridge the gap between research and education, to inspire future researchers, to promote scientific literacy and to stimulate dialogue.
On the Xplore Health website, you can find a multimedia gallery with lots of videos, games and experiments and various resources for educators such as classroom activities, educators' guides and experiments protocols.

Media College is a free educational website containing tutorials, reference and other audio and video resources in all areas of electronic media production.

Schools World

Through engaging videos, practical resources and an active online community, SchoolsWorld supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field. It provides instant access to up to date professional development videos and resources, practical tips and lesson ideas.

Table of contents: 

Art & Design, Business Studies, Citizenship, Cross-curriculum, Design & Technology, Engineering, English, Geography, History, ICT, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education, PSHE, Religious Education, Science, Vocational 14-19

Level 7

Level 7, created in 2010 by Careersbox (UK -, is a modular job application and interview techniques film programme. Aimed at students who are preparing for the world of work, who are often confronted with a disconnect in what is expected by the commercial world and what resources are available to the education world, this project is meant to better prepare and inform young people around the expectations of an employer whilst supporting teachers with an engaging technology based platform to help them do their job more effectively.

This program is designed to offer real employer feedback to help guide young people (aged 14-17) into the world of work. They, as well as information, advice and guidance professionals across all UK schools can use the resources. Due to its delivery method (online, as well as embedded in to schools’ Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), on DVD), Level 7 has been used in a number of contexts but its primary use has been in careers guidance, citizenship and work readiness classes and it can be used in the classroom, at home or with parents or other key influencers.
The pay-off for the employer audience is better prepared applicants who can make the most of their opportunity to join an organisation and Level 7 can help young people raise their confidence levels when seeking employment.

A more detailed description of the project is available in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website:

ASBCAST Mini Lectures

The ASBCAST Mini Lectures ("Vigtigheden af kommunikation ved yringerat") from the Aarhus School of Business (ASB -, University of Aarhus ( in Denmark are short videos that discuss several subjects of business communication. The viewer (student, teacher of external person) gets a short introduction to a theory, an issue or a current problem from the perspective of researchers from ASB. These mini lectures are targeted at students of degree programmes at bachelor and master level in business and communication studies at ASB, with an age range between 19 and 28 years old. The materials can be used as a standalone mini lecture or as part of a face-to-face lesson as they are reusable.

Students use the materials from home (on their computer or iPod) or in class, and the lecturers make use of the videos in class as well or in blended learning. “With more and more videos being recorded with international guest professors, it also gives students theopportunity to put a face on the authors of some of their reading materials. We have found that many students actually use the videos to supplement their reading material and as a preparation help before exams. With all the standard tools for embedding, sharing and syndicating, the videos are easily distributed and integrated by students, teachers and others.”

The English version of the project is available at
You can also find a more detailed English description of the project on the MEDEA Awards showcase, at

Court introduction

This web-based court introduction (Rättegångsskolan på webben), created by the lawyer and information officer Ulf Hjerppe and administered by the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (, explains what happens before, during and after court proceedings to those people who are required to make an appearance in court (crime victims, witnesses, relatives and perpetrators).

A more detailed English description of the project is available in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website:

The Director in the Classroom - How Filmmaking Inspires Learning

Offering a fun voyage of discovery for learners of all ages, The Director in the Classroom provides the "Why" for digital video in the classroom in a clear and concisely written book. The Director in the Classroom examines how filmmaking engages learners and explores how the process of filmmaking fosters the development of personal, social and higher-order thinking skills.

Digital filmmaking can empower students with the tools, skills and confidence to take creative control of their research projects. This book identifies how today’s digital cameras and software tools are revolutionizing filmmaking and enhancing learning in the classroom, and investigates curriculum connections and strategies for meeting standards and provides examples of successful video projects from K-12 and beyond.

The Director in the Classroom also provides you with strategies for assessing video projects, dealing with copyright issues, and project ideas.








Nikos Theodosakis




# ISBN-10: 1930870116# ISBN-13: 978-1930870116


336 pages


Free Science and Video Lectures Online

This blog is a link repository to video lectures on a wide scale of subjects.

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Some of the available Lectures

* Physics
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* Cognitive Sciences
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