Moving Image Techniques

The website introduces children and teachers to moving image techniques.
The aim of the website is to assist in the teaching and creation of simple animation films by 5 short stop motion videos and guidelines explaining 5 different techniques to create moving images. The website has been created for school children aged 9 - 13 years old, although it can also be useful for other age groups.
It offers primary school students background information and guidelines to get started in creating an animation film themselves. It has also been used in the classroom to create films within a specific unit and during art classes, and has also been extensively used in adult education seminars and workshops. Teachers use the site to familiarise themselves with the techniques prior to introducing the topic in their classroom, as well as to show it to their students. The website materials have also been used during lectures of student teachers, helping their understanding of the media as well as creation of their own films.








Christina dePian, freelance artist and art educator in Athens, Greece


Easy Claymation Animation Techniques Using iStopmotion

Clay animation or "claymation" is a form of stop motion animation in which characters, props and/or the decor is made from plasticine clay (or something similar) so that you can manipulate the characters to "move". If you take pictures of the different stages of the movement and then quickly show all the pictures after each other, you have an animation of your characters' movements.

This post provides an overview of the possibilities of the animation application iStopmotion, you can download and buy from

Table of contents: 

1. Source
2. Orientation and Noise Control
3. Recording Mode
4. Time Lapse
5. Controls
6. Timeline Editing
7. View
8. Composition

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