MEDEAnet webinar “Introduction to Big Data and Learning Analytics”

Nowadays more and more people are talking about ‘Big Data’ and ‘Learning Analytics’ and it is clear that digital learning environments do offer terrific opportunities for anyone who wants to measure and analyse how learners behave using objective measures and criteria. But how can you get started and is this the type of work that calls for specialist skills and resources? In this first webinar in the MEDEAnet Autumn – Winter webinar series, Erik Woning from Kennisnet (the Netherlands) gave an introduction to this fascinating and powerful topic. This session lets you understand how observing trends and patterns in learners’ online activities can help you to create more personalised learning environments. It also introduces you to how organisations like Kennisnet in the Netherlands are using ‘Big Data’ and ‘Learning Analytics’ to better support teachers in a practical way.

This webinar was held on 5 September 2013 at 16:00 CET and was attended by 38 particpants from 14 countries.

To see the discussion linked to this webinar go to http://www.media-and-learning.eu/content/introduction-to-big-data-and-le...

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