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MEDEAnet webinar: E-book Creation

Thanks to the multiple functionalities mobile devices like tablets and smart phones are offering it is becoming easier to let students develop their own multimedia e-book in class. In this MEDEAnet webinar you will have the chance to get to know what possibilities exist for the use of e-books for educational purposes.
In this MEDEAnet webinar you will have the chance to get to know what possibilities exist for the use of e-books for educational purposes and to let your students easily develop their own learning resources.

Andreas Sexauer from the Distance Learning Centre at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) will demonstrate the technical possibilities apps like the creative book builder are offering and how easy new learning material can be developed. He will present some results from a workshop with students during which they developed their own ebook.

Fiona Passantino, director from the App Train, will focus on the technical opportunities Apple is offering to teachers when they want to develop their own ebooks in class.

This webinar was held on 20 March and attended by 32 participants from 13 countries and was mainly aimed at teachers, educators and trainers interested in introducing eBook production in their class.

To see the discussion linked to this webinar go to http://www.media-and-learning.eu/content/e-book-creation-medeanet-webina...

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Film English - language learning resource site

A website created by Kieran Donaghy, that uses short films to promote cineliteracy - the ability to analyse and interpret moving images - in the language classroom. It is a resource bank containing over 90 lesson plans for teachers designed around moving images.
It is aimed at elementary and advanced learners and their teachers. It is very user-friendly, legible and well organised. The lessons are categorized by topic, level and age appropriateness and include homework and follow-up activities. There is a glossary of common film terms and links for teachers and students to related sites. For ease of use the short films and worksheets are embedded into the site. The teachers do not need to download anything, they only need internet access, a computer and a data-projection in the classroom.

Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success is a free set of interactive multimedia learning resources to help international students prepare for life and study at university in the UK. Students can also use the resources on the website for language learning. The website resources are also available for educators at other institutions to use and link to for teaching purposes.

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About Prepare for Success
Find out how you can use Prepare for Success.
Differences in university study
Listen to international students talking about differences in study they experienced when they came to the UK. Find out what differences there might be for you.
The language challenge
How prepared are you for the language challenge ahead? Watch a video to learn how other international students faced the challenge when they arrived and find out how you can prepare yourself.
Ways of being taught on your course
Explore four common ways of being taught on academic courses in the UK. Find out what to expect in a lecture, a seminar, a tutorial and a workshop.
Preparing for online study
Do a quiz to discover how much of your time will be spent online during your studies. Listen to an academic course tutor talking about the technologies used by students that she teaches.
Adapting to a new life
Watch a video in which students talk about the cultural challenges for students coming to the UK. Then assess yourself to find out how ready you are for them.
Studying independently
Consider different advice about how to study independently and then assess your own study habits.
Academic writing at university
Do a quiz to find out how prepared you are for the academic writing you will need to do on your university of college course.
Critical thinking
Explore what critical thinking involves and identify any skills that you might need to develop.
Studying science, engineering or technology
Find out what particular skills and abilities students studying science, engineering or technology need, and explore the range of writing tasks you may be required to do on your course.
Understanding course assignments
Compare course assignments in the UK with those in your home country and practise interpreting essay titles set by British course tutors.
Using what you read in your academic writing
Learn about the correct ways to reference what you read in your own writing. Find out how to avoid plagiarism.
Your relationship with your tutors
Listen to a British student talking about his relationship with his tutors. Do a quiz to find out what to expect of tutors and lecturers in the UK.
Using study time effectively
Discover what the best study routine for you might be. Practise organising a day's timetable for an international student on a university course in the UK.
Managing your course work
Consider how you would manage the production of a 2000-word assignment.
Taking part in seminars
Listen to a British tutor talking about what seminars are like and explaining what is expected of students.
Listening to lectures
Find out how lectures in the UK might be different from those you have attended before and listen for clues in a lecture that can help your understanding.
Reading for your course
Find out how you can manage your course reading list and learn to read more efficiently.
Skills for presenting in seminars
Think about the skills you will need if you are asked to give a presentation on your course. Watch a video of a student presenting to identify some useful techniques.
Working with others
Discover what group work involves and the kind of skills that students need to work together effectively.
Preparing for course work and exams
Listen to an interview with a student comparing exams in the UK with exams in her home country. Identify ways to deal with some common course work problems.
Settling down to study
Listen to student advice on how to settle down to study in the UK. Find out about an exciting competition for international students.
Reaching the end and taking the next step
Do a fun quiz to find out how much you remember. Send some feedback to us on what you think of Prepare for Success.

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Prepare for Success was designed and developed by eLanguages at the University of Southampton, UK.


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