Mathematics in Movies

This is a collection of movie clips in which Mathematics appears. The movies can be played online, on PC, on iphone/ipad or downloaded to be included into a presentation. The collection was curated by Oliver Knill, Department of Mathematics at Harvard University between March 2006 - July 2011. A fun way to introduce maths...
Learn for example how to calculate 10 times 1000 by watching a funny part of The Full Monty or how to solve the quadratic equation from a math scene in the Fellini movie Amarcord, a movie with a number of delightful school scenes.

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Oliver Knill, Department of Mathematics at Harvard University


George's Busy Day - maths interactive games

George's Busy Day by PBS KIDS ( is a collection of 16 interactive learning games of numbers and counting which suit pre-K through 1st grade.
These games can be played on a laptop or desktop computer, but also as a whole class activity for small group or individual play (there is a Full Screen button in each game).

UK's National STEM Centre's e-library of teaching and learning resources

This repository for teachers includes many useful resources and collections on STEM topics (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) including videos. It is the UK's largest collection of STEM teaching and learning resources, and you can filter the results on subject, age range, publication year and publisher.

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- Science
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Earth science
- How science works
- Technology
- Control systems
- Electronics
- Food technology
- Product design
- Resistant materials
- Textiles
- Design skills
- Engineering
- Mathematics
- Careers
- Cross curricular

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