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An examination of the impact of organisational constraintson change in UK Higher Education brought about by the introduction and use of learning technologies

The uptake and diffusion of the use of Learning Technologies in UK Higher Education is an instance of the adoption of change.
There has been considerable research into the ways in which the uptake and diffusion of innovation can effect change processes. This work has identified the importance of barriers and drivers to change as a part of the process. Areas of study have included general instances, those specific to technology and those relevant to the use of learning technology in higher education.
It has also been shown that a higher education institution’s organisational structure may itself inhibit or accelerate the way in which it will respond to external changes and adopt new practices.
This study reviews the development and growth in the use of learning technologies. It sets these activities in the context of changes in computing and predominant theories in education and psychology from a UK and US perspective.
This study goes on to describe the methodology adopted when undertaking an extensive survey of use of learning technology at the University of Southampton to make an initial case that institutional approaches associated with the known organisational models may amplify or dampen the known barriers and drivers for change.
The full thesis will take forward this work by analysing this data alongside a range of previously published data undertaking additional research into institutional approaches and the use of learning technology across a range of UK Higher Education Institutions.

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Using video and computers in class.

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Introduction: Living in a digital age
Working with video and media literacy
How to do it
Practical examples

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