Beyond the Headline: Online News Verification game

This game available in the form of a short poster is available from EAVI and can be used to show students some of the critical and visual cues we can use to quickly judge the veracity of online content.

ONAIR: "Let's Discover What's Behind News"- Pedagogical Kit

ActiveWatch publishes a new educational product aimed at secondary school pupils to better understand news production and to learn how to question and verify credibility of information in the media.

The pedagogical kit was developed within the ONAIR European project for media education, an initiative of the Sapienza University in Rome, and it benefits of the support of the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

ANP - Dutch Press Agency

The ANP (Netherlands national news agency) is the most important news supplier in The Netherlands. It provides news coverage for the Dutch daily newspapers, radio, television and the internet. ANP's general news service supplies a steady flow of news stories, infographics and photographs from across the country and around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ANP was founded in 1934 by the daily newspapers in The Netherlands. In the last few decades market circumstances have changed rapidly and therefore the foundation was converted into a private company. Since May 2001 ANP operates independently in the media market, allowing the company to increase its commercial activities. Nowadays ANP produces some 160,000 news stories and 100,000 photographs a year, tailored to the various needs and styles of the news media.

Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes

The mission of the Turkish Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes is providing close coordination with the public institutions, public and private institutions, public and private schools, private sector, non-governmental institutions, local authorities, professional organizations and youth organizations. It also contributes to dissemination of good practices and results of the projects in Turkey and abroad, and to making general evaluation and development of the programmes, making joint efforts for increasing network among various programmes.
The Turkish National Agency’s quarterly published magazine “Egitim ve Genclik”, due in three months time, is also available on this webpage:






Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes




Divis Project

The Divis project (Digital video streaming and multilingualism) is a European funded Project that run from October 2008 to September 2010. It aims to encourage, motivate and equip both teacher trainers and practising language teachers to include video production in their teaching.
The official report of the project is available here:

Initial research was undertaken to establish how teachers feel about the use of video production and what skills and experience they had in this area. From the results of the research, the project team developed a online guide to address the teachers' needs, introducing creative and non-conventional teaching methods and samples to support implementation of video work in the classroom as well as providing technical support. The manual is available in many languages on the following webpage:

On the Divis project website, you can also find very good examples of usage of videos, photo stories, dramas, and television news in education. There is also a useful technical support section:

Table of contents: 

Photo story, Video words, school presentations, drama, television news, technical support, Video gallery, download guide

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