1jour1actu - Des outils pour mieux comprendre l'info

The French website 1jour1actu - Des outils pour mieux comprendre l'info contains hundreds of contents (articles, videos, activities, dossiers, games, interactive sheets) on many different topics, ranging from Art, Literature, History, Biology, Science, to media literacy, sport, actualities.
The contents are aimed at the use in primary education classrooms. Each content is composed by attractive images, clear and short texts and a list of related contents for further deepening.
The teacher section provides them with “The highlights of the week”, files to download for the use in the classroom and an overview of the news and activities of the week.

The Cartoon Movement

The Cartoon Movement is a community of international editorial cartoonists and fans of political satire, part of The Video Journalism Movement (VJ Movement), an organization dedicated to the promotion of video journalism and press freedom. It is a global collaborative platform for editorial cartoons and comics journalism, where you can discuss cartoons, and vote on the cartoon ideas submitted by our international network of professional editorial cartoonists. The best cartoons are published online 4 times a week.

WissensWerte – animated video clips for political education

WissensWerte (http://www.edeos.org/en/project_wissenswerte.html) is a project by edeos - digital education (http://www.edeos.org), a small Berlin-based agency specialized in producing and distributing web-based knowledge content.
Within the project, the german nonprofit organisation /e-politik.de/ e.V. publishes and distributes a series of innovative animated video clips for political education. Technically state of the art and didactically elaborated, the clips offer an exciting way to learn about politics.

One of WissensWerte videos is about Human Rights and can be watched on the edeos YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/weareedeos. This video is available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Toporopa - train your brain with geography

This fun website includes educational quizzes about Europe and geography. You can test your geographical, political, historical and economical knowledge about Europe in animated quizzes that are focussed on the European map, for instance: pin the correct name to rivers on the map, find the European countries, ...







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