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The OneMinutesJr project

The OneMinutesJr project gives young people between 12 and 20 years of age from many corners of the globe the
opportunity to express themselves, speak out and learn audiovisual skills to communicate across borders, languages
and distances through 60 second videos.

The OneMinutesJr project now contains more than 2000 video clips and provides a fascinating insight into youth culture and interests around the globe. Supported by the European Cultural Foundation, the One Minutes Jr. Foundation and UNICEF amongst others, the one minute videos on the project web site vary a great deal, some have been sent in by individuals, others are results from workshops where young people are taught video production, editing and publishing skills.






UNICEF, the One Minutes Jr. foundation




In the mix

Your issues. Your interests. Your favorite celebs. In the Mix, the national award-winning TV series for teens and by teens, brings you all of it...and gets everyone talking. We're on-air every week on PBS.

Table of contents: 

The Buzz
• Teen buzz
• Media buzz
• Teacher and parent buzz
• Awards we’ve won

Shows (including accompanying material such as transcripts, fact sheets,…)

Behind the scenes
• From the staff
• Host bios
• Intern Diaries
• FAQs
• Program funders
• Credits
• Contact us




• Episode Reviews
• Comments from Educators
• Complete Program Catalog
• Program listing by category
• Order Program videotapes
• Off-Air taping rights
• Lesson Plans and discussion guides

The Nature of Interaction in Educational Videoconferencing

This is a Master of Education thesis from 1999 by Carol Daunt. The study investigated the nature of interaction that can be achieved in educational videoconferencing and what adaptations (if any) to teaching and learning strategies are necessary. In particular it examines the following:
1. What impact does the technology have on the interactions?
2. Do lecturers have to make adaptations to teaching strategies?
3. Do students have to make adaptations to learning strategies?
4. Can a ‘dialogical’ approach be used effectively in videoconferencing?

102 Very Teachable Films

This book features a subject index and summaries of 102 popular movies to help teachers use films as part of their teaching material. Teachers will find valuable help in previewing and selecting movies as part of their ESL/EFL curriculum, along with suggestions for related activities, notes on special audiences and considerations, and information to help them locate the movies.







Elizabeth Mejia, Joseph Kennedy, Maida Kennedy Xiao




# ISBN-10: 0131068245 # ISBN-13: 978-0131068247


224 pages


Video Modeling for Individuals with Autism: A Review of Model Types and Effects

Arizona State University Abstract Efficacy research on video modeling as an instructional approach for individuals with autism has been found to be a promising area for teachers and researchers. Over the last three decades the literature has shown successful use of video modeling for teaching a variety of social, academic, and functional skills. The purpose of this literature review is to describe one specific aspect of video modeling, namely, to examine video modeling studies from the perspective of the impact of the model. To this end studies have been categorized as models using adults, peers, self, point-of-view, and mixed model approaches. Descriptive summaries and analyses of outcomes are provided for each study. As a group, individuals with autism appear to have strengths processing visual stimuli (Bryan & Gast, 2000; Hodgdon, 1995) resulting in many instructional strategies comprised of a heavy emphasis on visual cues; for example, PECS, Social Stories, and individualized multimedia activity schedules (Bondy & Frost, 1994; Charlop-Christy, Carpenter, Le,...

Practical DV Filmmaking - 2nd Edition

"Written for the beginner, Practical DV Filmmaking guides you thorough the process of making a film with low-cost digital equipment: from development through to production, post-production and distribution. While the technical tools you need are fully explained, the book concentrates on filmmaking principles throughout, illustrating how these tools can be used to achieve stylistic approaches for innovative filmmaking. The book assumes no background knowledge in either technology or filmmaking and is divided into four key areas: development, production, post-production, distribution."

Show us a story

Describing ways to use video in class - putting a focus on the respective product of the bfi.

Table of contents: 

Tasks of media pedagogy (media education)
The British Film Institute and moving image media education
Media pedagogy in the English curriculum
Media pedagogy in English schools
Moving image media education in primary schools
Moving image media education as perception training
Show us a story
Moving images in the classroom
Teaching with short movies
Story shorts and literacy
Starting Stories
Screening Shorts
Short movies in class

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Listen Up!

Listen Up! is a youth media network that connects young video producers and their allies to resources, support, and projects in order to develop the field and achieve an authentic youth voice in the mass media.

Table of contents: 

Screening room
• Watch Media
• How to submit
• Submit media

• Network directory
• Network map
• Join us

• Production tools
• Funding tools
• Festival guide
• Youth media in practice
• Research links

• News
• Events
• Festival calls for entry
• Funding
• Jobs


About us

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The Blockbuster Approach : A Guide to Teaching Sociology with Video

Dr Casey Jordan wrote the Blockbuster Approach series (Blockbuster Approach to Teaching Criminology and Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Anthropology).

Selectie van de testlaboratoria - Camcorders - Zomer 2008

FNAC lists differences, advantages & disadvantages of a numerous amount of camcorders.

FNAC lijst verschillen, voordelen en nadelen op van een groot aantal camcorders.

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