Bednet links 6 to 18 year old children in Flanders who are suffering from long term and chronic diseases to their own classroom through the Internet. Bednet has created a child friendly environment where a long term ill child can resume his/her lessons in the classroom from home or from the hospital. This way, they can follow as many courses as possible during their absence and stay in touch with their teachers and class mates. Bednet is carrying out pioneers’ work in this field and is working on a structural solution for all children with long term diseases.

A Bednet set consists of 2 laptops (one with the child, one in the classroom), two webcams, two scanner-printers and a photo camera focusing on the blackboard. Whenever the teacher places a document onto the scanner in the classroom, the same document will be printed at the child’s home after a short time, and vice versa. The sounds and images from the webcam allow the child to follow the school’s lessons in real time. If he has a question or an answer to an asked question he can let the class know by giving them a sound or light signal. After school the system can be used to give out homework and tasks or to hand them in.

The Webstroom community

The Webstroom community supports Dutch universities in their use of video streaming and it recently launched a
new communications strategy for its members based on a greater use of LinkedIn. This community provides lots of interesting information about the use of media in higher education and is linked to the SURF MEDIA site, home to lots of video resources that support university level teaching in the Netherlands.

De Webstroom gemeenschap steunt Nederlandse universiteiten bij hun gebruik van video streaming en het lanceerde zopas een nieuwe communicatiestrategie voor de leden, gebaseerd op een ruimer gebruik van LinkedIn. Deze gemeenschap verschaft veel interessante informatie over het gebruik van media in het Hoger Onderwijs en is gelinkt aan de SURF MEDIA site, een plaatst waar veel videobronnen staan, die het lesgeven op universitair niveau in Nederland ondersteunen.

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