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"ccMixter is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want. Remixers can apply sampling, remixing and mash-ups, grab the sample packs and a cappellas for download and can upload their version back into ccMixter, for others to enjoy and re-sample."
"Looking for music for a video, school project, game you’re developing, podcast or just for listening in your cubicle or mobile music device? Find exactly the music you’re looking for - podsafe, liberally licensed - using dig.ccMixter Music Discovery tool. One out of six uploads to ccMixter are used in a YouTube(tm) video, flickr moving image, podcast, compilation album and thousands of other places all over the web."
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MoLeTV - Media on-demand

This media on-demand service is aimed primarily at staff and students in post-16 education colleges in England although it also welcomes all organisations involved in education including schools.
MoLeTV allows users to upload media in most of the common formats - AVI, MP4, MP3, Windows Media, Quicktime
and FLV and will convert to Adobe Flash Video for streaming, Windows Media, MP4 and 3GP.

MoLeTV is part of the Mobile Learning Network MoLeNET (, a unique collaborative approach to encouraging, supporting, expanding and promoting mobile learning. Collaboration at national level involves participating institutions and the Learning and Skills Council LSC ( sharing the cost of projects introducing or expanding mobile learning and the LSN ( providing a support and evaluation programme.

The Webstroom community

The Webstroom community supports Dutch universities in their use of video streaming and it recently launched a
new communications strategy for its members based on a greater use of LinkedIn. This community provides lots of interesting information about the use of media in higher education and is linked to the SURF MEDIA site, home to lots of video resources that support university level teaching in the Netherlands.

De Webstroom gemeenschap steunt Nederlandse universiteiten bij hun gebruik van video streaming en het lanceerde zopas een nieuwe communicatiestrategie voor de leden, gebaseerd op een ruimer gebruik van LinkedIn. Deze gemeenschap verschaft veel interessante informatie over het gebruik van media in het Hoger Onderwijs en is gelinkt aan de SURF MEDIA site, een plaatst waar veel videobronnen staan, die het lesgeven op universitair niveau in Nederland ondersteunen.

Story of Stuff

Annie Leonard explains how "stuff" or waste affects our communities at home and abroad. "The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world." The video can be divided into chapters, explains concepts with simple examples and in a humorous way.

Webcast Portal on Energy

This streaming portal collects videos and reports related to Energy and Transport, divided into thematic pages or subsites such as coal, oil, gas, electricity, energy efficiency, state aid, infringements, …

Common Craft

"Common Craft is the company of Sachi and Lee LeFever, who, through animations in explanatory videos, transform complex ideas into easy-to-understand and humorous videoclips. In the Common Craft Store licensed videos can be purchased, but there are also free versions which could be used in classrooms. "

Table of contents: 

Some of the video categories:
* Government
* green
* multi-packs
* socialmedia







Sachi and Lee LeFever




video repository


Alas Wiki

ALAS MEdia is a studio dedicated to telling people's stories through image, sound, design and education. They started up the Alas Wiki which includes tips & resources on moviemaking, equipment and things that can inspire you.

Video Streaming in Online Learning

The use of video in teaching and learning is a common practice in education today. As learning online becomes more of a common practice in education, streaming video and audio will play a bigger role in delivering course materials to online learners. This form of technology brings courses alive by allowing online learners to use their visual and auditory senses to learn complex concepts and difficult procedures. This article offers an overview of using streaming video in the online educational environment and discusses the various formats of streaming media. The various hardware and software programs used to create streaming video are also examined along with the advantages and drawbacks of using streaming video in online instruction. Finally, a discussion of how streaming video can be used in online instruction and its curricular applications are addressed.

Table of contents: 

• Overview of Video Streaming
• The Technology behind Video Streaming
• Advantages of Using Streaming Video
• Limitations to Consider
• Guidelines and Recommendations
• Curricular Applications
• Conclusions
• References






Taralynn Hartsell, Steve Chi-Yin Yuen, The University of Southern Mississippi, USA




ISSN 1065-6901


12 pages



"ArtisanCam is a free interactive web site which introduces children (mainly 7-14 year old pupils) and their teachers to the world of contemporary visual art.

ArtisanCam provides an insight into the lives of contemporary artists. Using a mixture of video and interactive activities, we introduce children to the world of contemporary visual art before encouraging them to have a go themselves in fun and exciting ways.

The website is divided into the Artists Zone, which contains classroom-based activities and the Activity Zone, which is full of games and fun interactive activities, designed to encourage children to continue their learning at home.

ArtisanCam has been designed to help teachers deliver a creative curriculum and inspire young artists of the future. All of our activities support the national curriculum in specific areas at Key Stage 2 and 3." This web site also offers very detailed information for lesson plans such as targeted learning goals.

You can find an interview with the ArtisanCam originator and Content Director Keith Alexander as part of the MEDEA Showcase of ArtisanCam:

Table of contents: 

- artists
- art form
- workshops
- activities
- teachers
- all teachers' notes
- cross curricula
- feedback and evaluation
- links
- notes / activities
- notes / artists
- teachers' views

Per artist teachers and children are given segmented videoclips with interesting themes such as:
- timelapse
- techniques
- classroom workshop
- gallery
- influences
- questions
- teachers

These segments show the process of making a work of art, the thoughts behind it, ...

European Commission´s Audiovisual Service

The European Commission´s Audiovisual Service is the "EU related news and archive service providing indispensable information tailored for professionals in the media. We supply up to the minute audiovisual news coverage to the media around the world and deliver unique archive on the history of the EU.

We offer video, photo and sound coverage of European news. We also provide assistance for journalists wishing to cover EU subjects. Get the sights and sounds of Europe directly onto your screen – via the Internet and via Europe by Satellite. All our materials are available in professional standards. European audiovisual material dating from the 1940s is also available."

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