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Collection of free scientifical videos for educational purposes.

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Video Categories
* Animals
* Astronomy
* Biology
* Chemistry
* Genetics
* Physics
* Technology
* Water Life
* Weather
Recent Videos
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The filmmaker's toolkit

This toolkit provides practical help and inspiration for students and staff interested in making films. With manual: online or downloadable as PDF (33 pages).
* Video technology has become easier to use, more available and far cheaper than ever before. More and more people are making their own videos and publishing them on the web, as YouTube testifies. But how do you get beyond ‘point and shoot' and what is the relevance of video production to education?
* Digital Video can be used in a number of ways in the classroom and the case studies show examples of a wide range of applications, together with student comment and reflection.
* The toolkit gives an overview of the filmmaking process, from initial idea to equipment needed to burning your DVD. It has been developed over several years and provides information and points to consider when making a film with an educational application in mind.
* The filmmaker's toolkit (downloadable as PDF) can be used as a standalone resource, in combination with workshops, or it can be more fully embedded into the learning and teaching of specific modules.

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The toolkit
1 Preparation
* organising your thoughts
* storyboarding
* scripting
* describing shots
* preparing to shoot

2. Production
* using a camera
o moving shots
* shooting sequences
* lighting
o 3 point lighting
* sound recording
* white balance
* conducting interviews

3. Editing
* logging
* editing process
* special effects
* sound and music
* music copyright
* outputting your film







Claire Allam (content) & Danny Monaghan (design), Learning Development and Media Unit, University of Sheffield




33 pages



The information center for digital media in school and education from a School of Education in Switzerland.

Table of contents: 

Unterricht (Education)
• Aktuell (latest)
• Praxis (in practice)
• Bild, Ton, Text (images, sound, text)
• Links

Lernmedien (educational media)
• Aktuell (latest)
• Offline Lernen (learning offline)
• Online Lernen (learning online)

Beratung (Consulting)
• Konzeptberatung (concept discussion)
• ICT-Entwicklungskonzept Solothurn (ICT development concept Solothurn)
• Prävention (prevention)
• Schulen im Netz (schools on the Internet)
• Freie Software (free software)

Weiterbildung (further education)
• Kurse (courses)
• Schulinterne Weiterbildung (school related further education)
• Pädagogischer Support (pedagogical support)
• Media Experts
• Veranstaltungen Rückblick (events – review)

• Basel-Karlsruhe-Forum
• Termine (dates)
• Education-News
• Ausleihe (lending)
• Wikimedias
• Links
• Über uns (about us)

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DNA from the beginning

DNA From the Beginning is organized around key concepts of classical genetics, molecules of genetics, and genetics organization and control. The science behind each concept is explained by animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.

This site and its sections or chapters include references, images and a bit of information on several key figures in these areas such as Mendel, Miescher, Levene ...

The feature "option" is a basic game / quiz in which your knowledge is tested.

Table of contents: 

3 Main sections:
- Classical Genetics
- Molecules of Genetics
- Genetic Organization and Control

Each topic has subsections:
- animation
- image gallery
- video interviews
- problem
- biographies
- links

More detailed index:

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Flash Player and QuickTime

Videos im DaF-Unterricht

Presentation about using video in teaching German.

Table of contents: 

Selection of video
What to do before, during and after watching video sequences

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