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Slidemotion - create a video from your photos

Slidemotion is an automated web service enabling users to create videos with music from users’ photos, with no skills and in a few clicks. The service has many features and offers various possibilities to personalise the videos. Users can make unlimited number of free videos during the 30-days trial period. This free temporary version comes with a limit, so videos can be created with 15 visuals. After 30 day trial finishes users will still be able to play and share all of their videos but will not be able to create new ones. It is also possible to try the premium version by spending free credits, so users can decide if they like premium features and continue by purchasing a plan.

Getty Museum Website

The J. Paul Getty Museum is an art museum in California that contains a collection of "Western art from the Middle Ages to the present" as well as art from ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. The Museum provides its visitors with access to the most innovative research in the visual arts both in its Getty Center and Getty Villa sites and on the Internet.
The website of the museum offers several services useful to teachers and students. Here follow some of them:
• The education section ( offers a range of high-quality educational programs, games and resources for a variety of audiences from adults and college students, to K-12 teachers and their students, families with kids, teens, community groups, and museum educators.
• The art section ( contains videos and description cards for a number of works of art hosted at the Getty Museum and a list of selected resources about Art and Architecture ( and Biographical Information (
• The research section ( contains a list of useful search tools to find the writings contained in the Museum’s collection.
• The publications section ( provides access to the publications that are available via Internet.
• A guide ( for building effective visual arts lessons


"ccMixter is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want. Remixers can apply sampling, remixing and mash-ups, grab the sample packs and a cappellas for download and can upload their version back into ccMixter, for others to enjoy and re-sample."
"Looking for music for a video, school project, game you’re developing, podcast or just for listening in your cubicle or mobile music device? Find exactly the music you’re looking for - podsafe, liberally licensed - using dig.ccMixter Music Discovery tool. One out of six uploads to ccMixter are used in a YouTube(tm) video, flickr moving image, podcast, compilation album and thousands of other places all over the web."
Related: “Is it legal?”,

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The OneMinutesJr project

The OneMinutesJr project gives young people between 12 and 20 years of age from many corners of the globe the
opportunity to express themselves, speak out and learn audiovisual skills to communicate across borders, languages
and distances through 60 second videos.

The OneMinutesJr project now contains more than 2000 video clips and provides a fascinating insight into youth culture and interests around the globe. Supported by the European Cultural Foundation, the One Minutes Jr. Foundation and UNICEF amongst others, the one minute videos on the project web site vary a great deal, some have been sent in by individuals, others are results from workshops where young people are taught video production, editing and publishing skills.






UNICEF, the One Minutes Jr. foundation




BBC Video Nation Network

"Your views and experiences on camera and online"

Video Nation is based on the social research organisation Mass Observation, set up in 1937. Their aim was to create an "anthropology of ourselves" by studying the everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain. They did this by recruiting a team of observers and a panel of volunteer writers. The Mass Observation archive is currently kept at the University of Sussex, and you can find out more at their Mass Observation website.

Video Nation enable everybody to produce a short video for the web. Video Nation edits the content but hands over control and the final publishing decision to the creator. Video Nation has local production teams who provide all the training and advice contributors need to film successfully. The site also looks for particular subjects or aspects of life and invites contribution from its users.

Table of contents: 

Video Nation enable everybody to produce a short video for the web. Video Nation edits the content but hands over control and the final publishing decision to the creator. Video Nation has local production teams who provide all the training and advice contributors need to film successfully. The site also looks for particular subjects or aspects of life and invites contribution from its users.

You can search the site by subject, features, locality, contributors' surnames, region and the title of the video. Each video lists Title, Contributor, Length, Date, Source, Country, Categories
An example of a feature is REMEMBRANCE 1918 - 2008: "There are very few people left who can remember the end of World War One first hand. But ninety years on many peoples' lives are still affected by the war which was meant to 'end all wars'. This series of Video Nation films take a personal look at some of the ways people have been touched by the Great War."

Video Nation also lists several guidelines to improve your filming skills: (

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An examination of the impact of organisational constraintson change in UK Higher Education brought about by the introduction and use of learning technologies

The uptake and diffusion of the use of Learning Technologies in UK Higher Education is an instance of the adoption of change.
There has been considerable research into the ways in which the uptake and diffusion of innovation can effect change processes. This work has identified the importance of barriers and drivers to change as a part of the process. Areas of study have included general instances, those specific to technology and those relevant to the use of learning technology in higher education.
It has also been shown that a higher education institution’s organisational structure may itself inhibit or accelerate the way in which it will respond to external changes and adopt new practices.
This study reviews the development and growth in the use of learning technologies. It sets these activities in the context of changes in computing and predominant theories in education and psychology from a UK and US perspective.
This study goes on to describe the methodology adopted when undertaking an extensive survey of use of learning technology at the University of Southampton to make an initial case that institutional approaches associated with the known organisational models may amplify or dampen the known barriers and drivers for change.
The full thesis will take forward this work by analysing this data alongside a range of previously published data undertaking additional research into institutional approaches and the use of learning technology across a range of UK Higher Education Institutions.

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University's login needed is a Finnish video enthusiasts website where you can find the latest news, topical articles and a lively discussion forum. It links to a Digivideo wiki as well.

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Recent Posts
Loan Equipment
Digital Video Association

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Sivustoa ylläpitää Digivideoyhdistys / Film and Video Association.




web site


Digital Video Digital University (DiViDu)

This demo shows an e-learning tool on basis of which students, future teachers and dentists can analyze practice cases, learn to reflect on practice, learn to demonstrate their newly acquired competence.

As of 2012, the tool is not updated anymore.

SURFmedia Video Portal

SURFmedia: on-demand and live streaming media service by and for Higher Education

" This media library ("mediatheek" in Dutch) consists of a diverse and well searchable collection of audiovisual materials which is continually built further by teachers, researchers, students, Beeld en Geluid, and others ...

Upload, stream and download audio and video files in different formats. Appreciate the quality and applicability of the media file in your educational activities, write a review or add tags. Organise your own and other people's media files into thematic collection of categories."

SURFmedia: live streaming mediadiensten of mediadiensten op aanvraag voor en door Hoger Onderwijs.
"Deze mediatheek bestaat uit een diverse en goed doorzoekbare verzameling van audiovisueel materiaal dat constant verder uitgebouwd wordt door leerkrachten, onderzoekers, studenten, Beeld en Geluid, en anderen...

Upload, stream en download audio- en videobestanden in verschillende formats. Waardeer de kwaliteit en bruikbaarheid van de mediabestanden in jouw leeractiviteiten, schrijf een beoordeling en voeg tags toe. Catalogiseer je eigen mediabestanden en die van andere mensen in verzamelingen volgens thema.


eduMedia Share is a place for teachers to host and share visual and interactive resources. At eduMedia Share you can:

* Upload your media (images, animations, videos)
* Discover and download interesting resources
* Tag, comment and have fun

Resources for teachers. For all teachers! No language or subject limitation. You can add your own resources, tag, comment or even download your collegue ones to use in class. And of course, all of this is free! Search eduMedia Share and discover your collegue?s work! This site is yours!
Which filetypes may I upload?
The most common internet ones:

* Photos, drawings : jpg, gif, png
* Animations, simulations : swf, animated gif
* Videos : avi, mpg, mov, wmv

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