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Video Resource "100 Questions on Islam"

This "100 Questions on Islam" video series, produced the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the British Council and published on a Vimeo Channel is a easily accessible repository of expert interviews on video (all short pieces) discussing current issues around perceptions of Islam and Muslim communities. Interviewees are scholars, journalists and policymakers from a diversity of geographical and professional backgrounds on major social, foreign policy, and historical questions. The 100 videos, which average two minutes in length, be a valuable source for research or education on the topic. Topics include the role of women in Islam, the place of democratic principles in theocratic governments, the veil, the Arab Spring, Shariah law and so on.
100 Questions About Islam tries to be a digital resource for the general public. It was produced by students from the University of Missouri School of Journalism during a symposium hosted by Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.

Table of contents: 

Arab Spring
Cultural Understanding
Evaluating the "Clash of Civilizations"
Islam and International Relations
Muslims and American Politics
Muslims and the West Throughout History
Muslims in the Public Sphere
New Conversations
One Religion, Many Cultures
Politics and Religion
The Nuances of Identity
The Problem with Stereotypes
Understanding Islam
Women and Islam

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UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), the British Council, University of Missouri School of Journalism, Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding




100 videos of average 2 minutes


Level 7

Level 7, created in 2010 by Careersbox (UK - http://www.careersbox.co.uk), is a modular job application and interview techniques film programme. Aimed at students who are preparing for the world of work, who are often confronted with a disconnect in what is expected by the commercial world and what resources are available to the education world, this project is meant to better prepare and inform young people around the expectations of an employer whilst supporting teachers with an engaging technology based platform to help them do their job more effectively.

This program is designed to offer real employer feedback to help guide young people (aged 14-17) into the world of work. They, as well as information, advice and guidance professionals across all UK schools can use the resources. Due to its delivery method (online, as well as embedded in to schools’ Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), on DVD), Level 7 has been used in a number of contexts but its primary use has been in careers guidance, citizenship and work readiness classes and it can be used in the classroom, at home or with parents or other key influencers.
The pay-off for the employer audience is better prepared applicants who can make the most of their opportunity to join an organisation and Level 7 can help young people raise their confidence levels when seeking employment.

A more detailed description of the project is available in the Showcase on the MEDEA Awards website: http://www.medea-awards.com/showcase/level-7

45 Interesting Ways to use your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom

This presentation, created by Tom Barrett, contains some tips about the different ways a video camera could be used in a classroom context, like filming school tours or recording science experiments.

A Dutch translation of this presentation is available through KlasCement: http://www.klascement.net/docs/13395/?set_language=4 (free registration required).

See also: 32 Interesting Ways to Use an i-Pod Touch in the Classroom (http://www.media-and-learning.eu/resource/32-interesting-ways-to-use-an-...); 62 Interesting Ways to Use an i-Pad in the Classroom (http://www.media-and-learning.eu/resource/62-interesting-ways-to-use-an-...), and the other Interesting Ways (http://www.media-and-learning.eu/resource/interesting-ways).

Framelines TV series for filmmakers

Framelines is a TV-series with with 30 minute episodes with interviews, tips, ... for amateur and professional filmmakers.

Table of contents: 

Show Segments
- Featured filmmaker
- Spotlight on
- Filmmaking tip
- On location
- Roundtable










BBC Video Nation Network

"Your views and experiences on camera and online"

Video Nation is based on the social research organisation Mass Observation, set up in 1937. Their aim was to create an "anthropology of ourselves" by studying the everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain. They did this by recruiting a team of observers and a panel of volunteer writers. The Mass Observation archive is currently kept at the University of Sussex, and you can find out more at their Mass Observation website.

Video Nation enable everybody to produce a short video for the web. Video Nation edits the content but hands over control and the final publishing decision to the creator. Video Nation has local production teams who provide all the training and advice contributors need to film successfully. The site also looks for particular subjects or aspects of life and invites contribution from its users.

Table of contents: 

Video Nation enable everybody to produce a short video for the web. Video Nation edits the content but hands over control and the final publishing decision to the creator. Video Nation has local production teams who provide all the training and advice contributors need to film successfully. The site also looks for particular subjects or aspects of life and invites contribution from its users.

You can search the site by subject, features, locality, contributors' surnames, region and the title of the video. Each video lists Title, Contributor, Length, Date, Source, Country, Categories
An example of a feature is REMEMBRANCE 1918 - 2008: "There are very few people left who can remember the end of World War One first hand. But ninety years on many peoples' lives are still affected by the war which was meant to 'end all wars'. This series of Video Nation films take a personal look at some of the ways people have been touched by the Great War."

Video Nation also lists several guidelines to improve your filming skills: (http://www.bbc.co.uk/videonation/filmingskills/)

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Seems to be only available in UK

EduTube Educational Videos

With a slogan as "EduTube Educational Videos - find the best videos on the web in one place" EduTube focuses on educational videos, which are linked from other video repository sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, … so this web site is actually a collection of linked and embedded educational videos. Uploading to this site isn't possible, which is a difference with sites such as YouTube.

SURFmedia Video Portal

SURFmedia: on-demand and live streaming media service by and for Higher Education

" This media library ("mediatheek" in Dutch) consists of a diverse and well searchable collection of audiovisual materials which is continually built further by teachers, researchers, students, Beeld en Geluid, and others ...

Upload, stream and download audio and video files in different formats. Appreciate the quality and applicability of the media file in your educational activities, write a review or add tags. Organise your own and other people's media files into thematic collection of categories."

SURFmedia: live streaming mediadiensten of mediadiensten op aanvraag voor en door Hoger Onderwijs.
"Deze mediatheek bestaat uit een diverse en goed doorzoekbare verzameling van audiovisueel materiaal dat constant verder uitgebouwd wordt door leerkrachten, onderzoekers, studenten, Beeld en Geluid, en anderen...

Upload, stream en download audio- en videobestanden in verschillende formats. Waardeer de kwaliteit en bruikbaarheid van de mediabestanden in jouw leeractiviteiten, schrijf een beoordeling en voeg tags toe. Catalogiseer je eigen mediabestanden en die van andere mensen in verzamelingen volgens thema.


Edutopia is the tangible embodiment of our vision. Through the Edutopia.org Web site, Edutopia magazine, and Edutopia video, we spread the word about ideal, interactive learning environments and enable others to adapt these successes locally. Edutopia.org contains a deep archive of continually updated best practices, from classroom tips to recommendations for districtwide change. Allied with a dedicated audience that actively contributes success stories from the field, our mission relies on input and participation from schools and communities.

Table of contents: 

Core Concepts
• Overview
• Integrated Studies
• Project Learning
• Technology Integration
• Teacher Development
• Social and Emotional Learning
• Assessment
• Video Library
• Teacher Training
• Edutopia Magazine
Submit Videos
Edutopia Membership
Edutopia Video News
Download Free
Edutopia Videos
on iTunes U
What Do You Think?

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Learning from History / Lernen aus der Geschichte

Learning & Teaching offers teachers and other educators a free-of-charge resource pool of educational materials and methodological ideas. This website provides web seminars on themes in the field of historical and civic education, presented by experts from both academic and practical teaching contexts. As a registered user, you can take part in web seminars in real time and ask your own questions. Members can also share their own materials.

This website has four main areas: Learning & Teaching (in German), Participating & Networking, Learning Online & International Dialogue.

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Teachers TV

Teachers TV was the digital channel for everyone who works in schools. Its programmes covered every subject in the curriculum, all key stages and every professional role – from teaching assistant to headteacher. You could watch it on digital cable and satellite and programmes are also available anytime, on-demand and for free on this website. Sadly, along with many other well-known UK agencies active in the education and training sphere including Becta, Teachers TV has fallen foul of cutbacks in UK spending. From the end of March 2011 this terrific source of free education videos and resources aimed at the professional development of teachers has no longer been available.

Luckily its resources are now available on
- TES: http://www.media-and-learning.eu/resource/tes-connect-video-resources
as well as other repositories:
- Promethean Planet: http://www.prometheanplanet.com/en-gb/professional-development/best-prac...
- Teachers Media: http://www.teachersmedia.co.uk
- SchoolsWorld: http://www.schoolsworld.tv/videos
- Teachfind: http://www.media-and-learning.eu/resource/teachfind

Table of contents: 

key stages
whole school issues
tv guide
learning journeys

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