video repository is an Internet-based television network that produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering for the benefit of IEEE's member and the general public. The channel was launched in August 2006 and has since then produced a large number of award-winning content and live streaming programmes of key IEEE events. The catalogue of programs includes videos on for example wind power, biomedical engineering, and on recycling computer and electronic products, with monthly additions in HD.

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Science360 video repository

Science360 Knowledge Network is sponsored by the National Science Foundation of United States and shows the latest science, engineering, technology and math videos provided by scientists, colleges and universities, science and engineering centers, the National Science Foundation and more.

In the "topics" menu, a lot of videos about K-12 & Education are available:
Each video is embeddable. You can also send your own multimedia, at

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astronomy and space
earth and environment
K-12 & education
life sciences
medical science
people and society
technology and engineering

Teachers Media

Teachers Media is a global provider of online professional development services for the education sector. On Teachers Media users can search and navigate the Teachers TV archive, stream all the 3500 Teachers TV videos at the highest quality, access and download documents and other resources linked to the videos.

The approach is based on developing reflective practitioners and encouraging professional development that is collaborative and focused upon real school practice. This approach is vital to sustainable improvement in teaching and learning.

The Teachers TV archive will always remain free to stream, however they will be charging for some services in the future, helping to cover operational costs. At present, Teachers TV videos are only AVAILABLE TO USERS IN THE UK.

UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform

The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform is an online catalogue for independent producers and broadcasters providing access to video material from all over the developing world. It currently contains over 650 productions from more than 85 countries and also contains some really interesting programmes (short fiction films, documentaries and TV magazines).


Nanoyou is a source of materials and resources on the topic of Nanoscience, the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The nanoscale ranges from 100 nanometres down to the atomic level, where a nanometre is a millionth part of a
millimetre. This European Commission supported project provides a variety of videos and other multimedia like power-point presentations, posters, picture galleries and art projects related to nanoscience and NT that can be
used in education.


KlasCement is a Belgian web2.0 organisation for teachers. More than 60,000 teachers, mostly from Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, and partly from the Netherlands are sharing learning objects online such as presentations,
courses, articles, sites and media files. Members of the community can make free use of these files for their lessons.
After a free registration, you can start searching for multimedia ( looking around or using the powerful search engine; results can be filtered by educational level, subject, role, etc.

Media College is a free educational website containing tutorials, reference and other audio and video resources in all areas of electronic media production. - Online Software Tutorials is a online training library with a lot of tutorials that can be browsed by subject (3D + Animation, Audio, Business, design, Developer, Home Computing, Photography, Video, Web + Interactive, Documentaries), by software and by author.

Everything is a remix

"Everything is a remix" is a really intersting series of videos on the nature of creativity which makes the point that very little is really original. The first three episodes of the series have been published and part four should be released in late October.






Kirby Ferguson


RTÉ Libraries and Archives

RTÉ is a Public Service Broadcaster, a non-profit making organisation owned by the Irish people. RTÉ is Ireland's cross-media leader, providing comprehensive and cost-effective free-to-air television, radio and online services. This website provides access to a rich and diverse selection of the audio-visual material preserved by RTÉ Libraries and Archives. The site offers over 400 archived broadcast items in the sections 'Look & Listen' and 'History of RTÉ'. The items can be viewed or listened to in RealMedia format.

RTÉ aims to provide content that might be used in learning and teaching across all levels of Irish education. See 'History of RTÉ' for a selection of key moments in Public Service Broadcasting in Ireland since the foundation of 2RN in 1926.
Listeners and viewers can also request copies of many archived items to purchase for private use. Professional users may also request or order copies of archived material for commercial re-use subject to terms and conditions, and copyright law.







RTÉ 2013-RTÉ Commercial Enterprises Ltd


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