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Vorbereitende Überlegungen zur Unterrichtspraxis IV, Video/Film

Interviews with experts about how to "teach film".

Table of contents: 

Gespräch mit Christine Dollhofer (Interview with C.D.)
Gespräch mit Stefan Kurowski
Gespräch mit Gustav Ernst
Further exercises
Allgemeine Überlegungen zur Unterrichtbarkeit vonVideo/Film (General considerations about teachability of video/film)

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Video in the classroom

Video in the Classroom was founded in 2003 by Mathew Needleman to focus on video production in the elementary grades. The site was recently relaunched to showcase the work of elementary educators from across the country and provide additional how-to information, additional links, and a complete redesign.

Table of contents: 

View Films
Make Films

Digital Video in Education

Describes the production of digital video from a teacher's and a student's pov

Table of contents: 

Student Process
• Plan
• Produce
• Present

Teacher Process
• Plan
• Coordinate
• Assess


Internet Resources

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Just Think

Flipping the Script is a project of Just Think, a media education nonprofit that has been working with youth and educators since 1995. Just Think teaches young people to understand, evaluate, and create media messages. We deliver vital programs that foster critical thinking and creative media production, believing that the independent voices of youth can powerfully impact local and global communities.

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• Board
• History
• Mission
• Newsletter
• Partner
• Sponsored Projects
• Staff

• Donate
• Sponsors
• Volunteer

• After School
• Family Education
• International
• Media Ed Art & Lit
• Past Programs
• Peer Healrh
• Ignite your mind
• Youth Media
• Educators

• Alternative Media
• Going green
• Links to think
• Media Guides
• Quick Facts
• Teaching Tools
• Youth Resources

• Changing the world
• Flipping the script
• Health and media
• Hidden heroes
• Poetic License
• Senior Year

• Accessoires
• Publications

• Associate blog
• Education blog
• Founder blog
• Press Released
• YME blog
• Youth Media

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Video for the Classroom

Ready to integrate video into the classroom? One thing for sure... once you get started, you won’t wanna quit. So take off the lens cover of that camera, charge up the batteries, and unfold the tripod. It’s time to get started!

Table of contents: 

Big Tipper
According to plan
The process
See what develops
No small roles
Classroom projects

Focal Press

Focal Press creates Media Technology books, ebooks, videos and tutorials, providing resources for professionals and students in areas such as film and digital video production, photography, digital imaging, graphics, animation and new media, broadcast and media distribution technologies, music recording and production, mass communications, and theatre technology.

"We are committed to publishing high quality books filled with practical hands-on information, dealing with cutting-edge and converging technologies from the experts in the field. You will find practical solutions to problems, examples you can apply to your work, and valuable insights that will help you keep up-to-date in these highly competitive fields."

We deliver to you the techniques that have proved successful for professionals, and inspire you to go further with your craft. Our books demystify ever-changing technologies and help you gain success.

Table of contents: 

* Photography
* Film & Video
* Animation & 3D
* Audio
* Broadcast
* Theatre
* Bookstore

with vodcast, tips & tools, competitions, microsites, (not-free) publications, ...
And a free chapter and sample video for some sources / guides.

Media Education Wales

Media Education Wales supports media and moving image education through resources, training, events, projects, research and consultancy.

We specialise in

* making film-making easy
* helping children and adults to learn about film language
* film and moving images in the curriculum

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Beeld is taal

This article gives an introduction to implement audiovisual education and courses for children.

Dit artikel geeft een inleiding om audiovisuele educatie en les toe te passen bij kinderen.

Making Movies make sense

Offers a preview of the CD-rom "Making movies make sense".

Table of contents: 

Sample pages
About us
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This PDF is meant for audiovisual students but can be freely downloaded. It combines guidelines with assignments.

Deze PDF is bedoeld voor audiovisuele studenten maar can vrij gedownload worden. Het combineert richtlijnen met opdrachten.

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