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Propiedad Intelectual

This section of the website of the Spanish Secretary of State for Culture collects a number of resources and pieces of information about Intellectual Property (IP) with a particular reference to the issues arose with Internet. Among them, reports, statistics and publications about IP, news and links about events such as the World day for IP 2012, guides, catalogues and more.
The information in this section of the website is aimed to a general public, but there are also specific sections for young people, museums and educational institutions.


Esta sección de la página web de la Secretaria de Estado español para la Cultura recoge una serie de recursos e informaciones acerca de la propiedad intelectual (PI) con una atención particular a las cuestiones surgidas con Internet. Entre ellos, informes, estadísticas y publicaciones sobre la PI, noticias y enlaces sobre eventos como el día Mundial de la PI 2012, guías, catálogos y más.
La información contenida en esta sección del sitio web está dirigida a un público general, pero también hay secciones específicas para los jóvenes, los museos y las instituciones educativas.

Table of contents: 

Información General
Presentación. Gestión en el Ministerio. Líneas de Actuación
La Propiedad Intelectual
Definición. Sujetos. Derechos. Mecanismos de protección. Preguntas más frecuentes
Gestión Colectiva
Entidades de gestión colectiva. Direcciones y tarifas. Informes de gestión
Lucha contra la Piratería
Registro de la Propiedad Intelectual
Organización y direcciones. Objeto. Solicitudes de inscripción. Publicidad registral. Solicitud Telemática
Centro de Documentación







Spanish Secretary of State for Culture, Spanish Government



The Clemi (centre for liaison between teaching and information media) is part of the French Ministry of Education. It was created in 1983 with the mission of "promoting especially by means of training activities, the multiple use of news media in teaching with the aim of encouraging a better understanding of the world by pupils while simultaneously developing critical understanding."

Table of contents: 

Se former
Semaine de la presse et des médias dans l’école
Dans les classes
Productions des eleves
Centre de documentation
Ressources et publications
International et recherche
Clemi TV
Sites des antennes régionales

Inside Cancer - Multimedia Guide to Cancer Biology

The different aspects of cancer are touched upon through animations, video with narration / sound effects or only slides/audio with doctors and researchers (transcript available).

This site also offers the option of Teacher Center, "to help your students understand how modern molecular and cellular genetics are integrated into ideas about cancer diagnosis, prevention, and treatment." By registering teachers receive access to the Inside Cancer Atomizer, a tool for building custom multimedia presentationswith content from Inside Cancer and other DNALC Internet sites.

Besides that there is also the Inside Cancer Lesson Plan Wiki community at http://teachercenter.insidecancer.org/icwiki/index.php/Main_Page where teachers can view, share and discuss related lesson plans.

Table of contents: 

- Hallmarks of Cancer
- Causes and Prevention
- Diagnosis and Treatment
- Pathways to Cancer

Sitemap lists all subsections: http://www.insidecancer.org/sitemap.html

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Focal Press

Focal Press creates Media Technology books, ebooks, videos and tutorials, providing resources for professionals and students in areas such as film and digital video production, photography, digital imaging, graphics, animation and new media, broadcast and media distribution technologies, music recording and production, mass communications, and theatre technology.

"We are committed to publishing high quality books filled with practical hands-on information, dealing with cutting-edge and converging technologies from the experts in the field. You will find practical solutions to problems, examples you can apply to your work, and valuable insights that will help you keep up-to-date in these highly competitive fields."

We deliver to you the techniques that have proved successful for professionals, and inspire you to go further with your craft. Our books demystify ever-changing technologies and help you gain success.

Table of contents: 

* Photography
* Film & Video
* Animation & 3D
* Audio
* Broadcast
* Theatre
* Bookstore

with vodcast, tips & tools, competitions, microsites, (not-free) publications, ...
And a free chapter and sample video for some sources / guides.

Research projects about ICT in education

An overview of researches relevant to ICT in education, in Netherlands and outside.

Een overzicht van de onderzoeken in verband met ICT in educatie, in Nederland en daarbuiten.

Practical DV Filmmaking - 2nd Edition

"Written for the beginner, Practical DV Filmmaking guides you thorough the process of making a film with low-cost digital equipment: from development through to production, post-production and distribution. While the technical tools you need are fully explained, the book concentrates on filmmaking principles throughout, illustrating how these tools can be used to achieve stylistic approaches for innovative filmmaking. The book assumes no background knowledge in either technology or filmmaking and is divided into four key areas: development, production, post-production, distribution."

Center for Digital Storytelling - listen deeply, tell stories

"The Center for Digital Storytelling is a California-based non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization rooted in the art of personal storytelling. We assist people of all ages in using the tools of digital media to craft, record, share, and value the stories of individuals and communities, in ways that improve all our lives.

Many individuals and communities have used the term "digital storytelling" to describe a wide variety of new media production practices. What best describes our approach is its emphasis on personal voice and facilitative teaching methods. Many of the stories made in our workshops are directly connected to the images collected in life's journey. But our primary concern is encouraging thoughtful and emotionally direct writing."

Table of contents: 

Watch Stories, view more information on workshops, programs and services or see the collection of links and resources at http://www.storycenter.org/resources.html

Grupo Comunicar

Comunicar wants to dynamise the didactical, critical and plural use of media in class.

Table of contents: 

Revista Comunicar (Magazine “C.”)
Publicaciones (Publications)
Formación (Education)
Murales Prensa Escuela (Didactical sheets for teachers)
Biblioteca virtual (virtual library)
Campañas (campaigns)

Video, Education, and Open Content: Best Practices

Video, Education, and Open Content: Best Practices” is a two-day symposium intended to increase the understanding of educators, technologists, video producers, and other stakeholders in how video and open education can work together for the public good.

Click on the RSS links on the right top, which lead you to audio, audio+ or video pages. For instance: http://ccnmtl.columbia.edu/broadcast/opencontent/video/podcast.xml







Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning and Intelligent Television




audio/video repository


Media Literacy Clearinghouse

A web site designed for K-12 educators who want to:
- learn more about media literacy
- integrate it into classroom instruction
- help students read the media
- help students become more media aware

Sponsors and Exhibitors

MediaSite Kaltura AmberScript