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How to use ABC Design to create MOOCs with educational video

The focus of this workshop is the Arena Blended Curriculum Design or ABC Design Methodology (developed by UCL) for MOOCs, how to use it and potentially adapt it for your own needs.

During the first part of this workshop we will explain:

  • What are MOOCs
  • What the ABC Design entails
  • How we adapted the methodology for MOOCs
  • How ABC Design is used at KU Leuven to support the creation of MOOCs

The second part will be hands on because you will use the ABC methodology to design a MOOC or online course. To finish off, we will reflect on what you have learned to make sure we continue to enhance the methodology.

Places are limited to 25 people, so sign up quickly!

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Date:Tuesday 16 June
14:00 to 17:00
Cost:Free (if attending the conference)

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