FilmDoo and FilmDoo Academy

FilmDoo is a game-based edutainment platform that is raising student engagement and transforming learning outcomes using film- and video-based learning.

FilmDoo started out as a movie-streaming platform. Today, FilmDoo has one of the world’s largest international film catalogues online and over 280,000 registered members. FilmDoo expanded into online learning when they saw that over 80% of their visitors were coming from language-related searches and in a subsequent user survey, over 70% of people told us that the number one reason they are watching a film on FilmDoo is because they are learning a foreign language. FilmDoo recognised an opportunity to expand into language learning and the wider online learning by leveraging our extensive film catalogue and network of film makers and content owners. Consequently, FilmDoo went on to develop an innovative layer of edtech that can now turn any film and video into an interactive lesson.