Vin Sumner

Vin Sumner founded and runs Clicks and Links Ltd ( ) an company that that today focuses on using game and other innovative technology to provide immersive visual experiences in areas such as learning and training , the built environment and smart cities.

In the context of the current Future and Smart Cities agenda, Vin is looking at how games technology might be applied to help both solve city challenges and improve citizen engagement. Vin has led Clicks and Links contribution on visualisation to the CityZen project for the Cities of Amsterdam and Grenoble and the recently Triangulum Lighthouse and CityVerve IoT projects in Manchester.

The potential for the application of immersive technology such as virtual reality to education and training has increased with the release of “head mounted displays” such as the Oculus Rift and Vin has been working with training orgainsations on how best to exploit these technologies