Shoshana Eilon

Shoshana Eilon comes from a Film Studies background, and is passionate about seeing films used in a variety of different academic areas. She began her career with documentaries at Dogwoof, the UK's leading documentary distributors, before joining Film Platform as the head of sales. At Film Platform, Shoshana is responsible for connecting world-leading documentaries with academics and students from across the globe. She is eager to make documentaries a key part of the curriculum for every academic subject area.

Film Platform has been part of a number of notable film campaigns over the past year, that exemplify the potential of documentary film to enhance a host of different subject areas. We have arranged a screening series across US universities in collaboration with The New York Review of Books, to screen Martin Scorsese's The 50 Year Argument in English Literature and American studies departments. Our university Q+A tour with director Joshua Oppenheimer and his latest film, the Oscar Nominated The Look of Silence, was organised with Human Rights, Psychology, Legal studies and Asian studies departments. We have worked with universities internationally to make Wim Wenders's Cathedrals of Culture a key text on Architecture and Urban Studies courses.