Rudi Vranckx

Rudi Vranckx, born in 1959, has been a conflict journalist in the news department of the Flemish public service broadcaster VRT for more than 25 years. With a background in history and a career which included time spent in the centre for peace studies in KU Leuven, Rudi has reported on many wars. He has made documentaries in Dutch for the channel Canvas which included ‘The Curse of Osama’, “Hello Congo’, ‘Revolution Road’ and ‘Vranckx in No Man’s Land’. He is the author of several books about conflict and journalism including ‘Voices from the battle front’ and ‘No news from the Front’. Most recently he published ‘The war for the minds’ about warfare nowadays.

Rudi’s most recent documentary ‘My Jihad’ was selected for documentary festivals in Berlin, Biarritz and Prague and was shown in more than ten countries worldwide. Rudi’s new documentary series ‘Little Heroes’ is currently running on the Flemish channel Canvas. A book with the same title is planned for end February.