Mariet Vriens

Mariet Vriens is Advisor Educational Video at the Leuven Institute of Media and Learning (LIMEL) of the KU Leuven (BE). She is the head of the team Training & Support of LIMEL. The core responsibility of this team is to coach university staff during their development of educational video. The team offers support during the three production phases: preproduction, production and postproduction. The expertise of Mariet Vriens is in the phase of preproduction of educational video. She organises online and face-to-face training in this field and gives individual support to university teachers.
Before moving to LIMEL, Mariet was employed by the central education services of the KU Leuven as an educational technologist. In this capacity she has been the manager of and the participant in a number of European projects on educational technology, more specifically with a focus on virtual mobility.